These 14 Types of Fruits & Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C, Very Effective to Increase Endurance during the Pandemic

POS KUPANG, COM – Very potent improve body endurance In Pandemic Time, Here Are 14 Types Of Fruits & Vegetables Rich In Vitamin C.

At the time of the pandemic corona virus like this, the intake of nutrients and vitamins that can maintain the body’s strength is very important.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is necessary so that the body has an immune system that can ward off various diseases.

Eating foods that contain high vitamin C can be a way to maintain body endurance stay prime.

Vitamin C even includes antioxidants that are useful for fighting free radicals that cause cancer, heart disease, and premature aging.

Not only that, launching Medline Plus, vitamin C is also useful for repairing and maintaining bones and teeth, and can help the body produce collagen and absorption of iron.

A variety of foods that are high in vitamin C.

Although it is important for many health benefits, the human body unfortunately cannot produce vitamin C on its own.

That way, the body must get this vitamin intake from other sources, such as fruits and vegetables.

In healthy adults, the average intake of vitamin C is around 75-90 mg per day.

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