A Cherbourg burger in the running to become the most beautiful in France

A Cherbourg burger in the running to become the most beautiful in France
Will the sea burger win the title? (© Le Café du Port)

Will the seafood burger be voted the most beautiful burger in France? The dish, prepared by the Cafe du Port at Cherbourg (Some), is entered in a competition organized by the Facebook page “We’re Going To The Resto”.

The latter centralizes all local groups with the same name, available in dozens of cities in France including Cherbourg. Groups which aim to “give visibility to all restaurants to their local customers”. To do this, restaurateurs share their menus, opening hours and other practical information.

82 burgers participants

Since Tuesday, June 15, 2021, “On Va Au Resto” has been offering a competition for the most beautiful burger. Organized online, the game « The Best Of The Best Burger 2021 » pits 82 burgers prepared all over France. Among them is therefore that of the Café du Port. There is no doubt that their seafood burger, available in the establishment’s menu, will have its card to play!

Prepared with homemade bread, it contains fresh cod, curry cream, pepper marinade, tomatoes, sesame seeds and bell pepper fondue. Without forgetting the (delicious) homemade fries !

Already more than 5000 votes

The first phase of the competition will end on Tuesday, June 22, at 10 a.m. To vote for the Cherbourg dish, the only participant from La Manche, go to the page specially created for the occasion. You can then elect your favorite burger on Facebook and / or Instagram. To do this, you have to like and share the photo of the burger on Facebook. Ditto on Instagram, with the difference that you have to share the image as a story.

At the end of this first phase of competition, in which more than 5,000 people have already taken part, the winners of each Facebook group and from each region will be determined and qualify for a grand national final. Those selected for this grand final will be unveiled on the social networks of “On Va Au Resto” this Tuesday from 4 pm.

Nice gifts

In addition to having the possibility of then savor the most beautiful burger in France, this would allow the Café du Port to win rather useful prizes, representing several thousand euros awarded by the partners of the organizers. Among the prizes offered to the first five of the national ranking, there is for example a cash register, a tablet, a flag, a year of license on the SuggPro app and 100 magnets. Or a value of 3,895 euros.

By adding for the top 5, what is more, the first label “Meilleur Burger de France”. So, shall we take the trophy home?

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TREASURE Releases Official Light Stick, Blue Gem Shape

TREASURE Releases Official Light Stick, Blue Gem Shape

Jakarta, Insertlive

TREASURE will release light stick their official. On Monday (21/6), YG Entertainment announced that pre-orders light stick TREASURE at Weverse Shop is starting to open.

Concept light stick this is a treasure box similar to the name of the survival show YG Treasure Box which is the origin of this group.

In addition to the concept of a treasure box, the top light stick This gem-shaped symbol symbolizes TREASURE and its fans who are named TREASURE MAKER.

Main part of light stick This transparent color represents the way TREASURE will display various colors and charms in the future.

TREASURE/ Photo: Weverse

Then, the blue bottom is shaped like the microphone used by TREASURE members.

Light stick It also features various functions such as an immediate reaction mode where the lights will flash according to the music playing.

In addition, there are also ASMR clips recorded by TREASURE members to adjust the light intensity.

Light stick it’s official released on June 28 next in online and offline stores in Korea.


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Seine et Marne. The future Costco of Pontault-Combault launches its recruitment campaign

Seine et Marne.  The future Costco of Pontault-Combault launches its recruitment campaign
After Villebon’s, Costco could open its second store on French soil (©Costco France)

The opening is scheduled for next November. The American brand specializing in mass distribution, Costco, will open its second store in France, after that of Villebon-sur-Yvette (Essonne).

And it is at Pontault-Combault (Seine-et-Marne), instead of the old Leclerc store, that the new sign must come out of the ground.

Nearly 300 employees

At the end of June, work is still continuing in the Quatre Chênes commercial area. The store “should be operational for the month of November 2021”, announced recently, Gary Swindells, the president of Costco France.

With this in mind, the American group is organizing a job-dating from June 22 to 24. Cashier, logistics, sales, food preparer and tire fitter guest positions are to be filled. “We are counting on nearly 300 employees,” added Gary Swindells a few months ago.

For the occasion, the City of Pontault-Combault is providing the Madame Sans-Gêne room, 107 rue de la République. You can now go on the site to consult the various job offers. To your CVs!

June 22, 23 and 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bring several CVs and cover letters.

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Pokemon Unite, MOBA Game Ready to Release on Mobile

Pokemon Unite, MOBA Game Ready to Release on Mobile


The Pokemon Company’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game is ready to be released this year. later Pokemon Unite will launch on Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices.

TiMi Studio Group, as the developer, also confirmed that Pokemon Unite will first be released on Nintendo Switch in July 2021. Then it will be followed for mobile in September 2021.

Pokemon Unite is a collaboration game between The Pokemon Company International and TiMi Studio Group that carries the concept of 5vs5 online combat. Where Pokemon Unite will be a cross-platform game that can be played simultaneously on mobile and Nintendo Switch.

This game will come for free when you download it. However, players will be given the option to make in-game purchases.

It is not yet known whether the purchase has an impact on the quality of the Pokemon used. This is considering, the addition of status occurs in Mobile Legends, when players use the hero skins they have purchased.

Pokemon Unite will be set on the island of Aeos, located on the border of an unexplored sea. On the island, players will find the Unite Battle Committee (UBC) which runs a series of Unite Battle tournaments.

Players will be asked to form teams of five people and compete with the opposing team to score the most points in the allotted time. Different from MOBA games in general.

Pokemon Unite not only provide objectivity destroying the opponent’s tower. But you also have to earn points by bringing energy from defeating wild Pokemon and opponents, which then brings that energy to one of the opposing team’s zones.

Keep in mind, Unite Battles can take place in various stadiums, where each stadium has different rules. There may be a number of team members that does not have to be 5 people, then the duration of the match is different and the Legendary Pokemon that appear will be different.

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In Lorraine, researchers are proposing to bequeath your phone to science to better recycle it

In Lorraine, researchers are proposing to bequeath your phone to science to better recycle it


Video length: 1 min.

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Don’t throw away your old cell phones, donate them to science. Researchers in Lorraine need 10,000 mobiles to develop a process to recover and recycle the precious metals contained in the electronic cards of our devices. #IlsOntLaSolution

More than 120 million old telephones abandoned in the drawers of the French. In Lorraine, scientists are launching an appeal to recover 10,000 of them. They are seeking to develop an innovative and virtuous process for the environment which would make it possible to extract from the electronic cards of our devices, many precious metals such as gold and tin. , palladium, silver and others rarer such as tantalum. Cards reduced to crumbs and which will undergo a whole lot of manipulation to identify the metals they contain, know how to separate them and quantify them, so as not to lose anything.

An essential step according to Éric Meux, head of the Sustainable Chemistry and Environment master’s degree atJean Lamour Institute in Metz : “When trying to develop a process for recovering metals from industrial or other waste, it is essential to know precisely the composition of this waste“. But for that, material is needed and the scientist hopes to reach the 4000 laptops recovered by September and the initial objective of 10 000, in February 2022. Date on which a student in master 2 at theNational School of Geology from the University of Lorraine will be recruited to support researchers on this ambitious project.

Several Lorraine laboratories are participating in this research in Metz, Nancy, or even Bar-le-Duc. So if you want to help science, researchers have set up various collection points in the area, which you will find at this address.

Toyota Supra in Fast & Furious Film Sold Rp 7 Billion

Toyota Supra in Fast & Furious Film Sold Rp 7 Billion

The car became the most expensive Toyota Supra ever.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LAS VEGAS — In the movie Fast & Furious which aired in 2001, there is one car that is quite iconic. The car is Toyota Supra Mark 4 1994 alert.

Reported from Tech E Blog on Monday (21/6), the car was entered in the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction house. Now, the car has been sold at a price of 55 thousand US dollars or around Rp. 7 billion.

This car is certainly the target of car collectors and film lovers because the car was used by Brian O’Conner’s (Paul Walker). Now, the car has become the most expensive Toyota Supra ever.

This Toyota Supra is a car that uses an engine with the code 2JZ-GTE. The inline six-cylinder engine is a twin-turbo engine with a capacity of 3 liters.

This car has undergone a number of modifications ranging from the application of the BOMEX bodykit, APR aluminum rear biplane wings and 19-inch Dazz Motorsport Racing Hart M5 Tuner wheels.

Regarding transmission, the fourth generation Supra itself is offered in three transmission options ranging from 5 speed and 6 speed manual transmission. However, the Supra being auctioned is a Supra with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The car with the model code A80 itself was marketed from 1993 to 2002. This model was also offered in two engine options, namely an engine with a turbo (276 horsepower) and a naturally aspirated engine (220 horsepower).


L’Idyllique – Historic Center Dijon – Rent Immo

L’Idyllique – Historic Center Dijon – Rent Immo



→ Cozy apartment located in the heart of Dijon

→ Dedicated work escape

→ 2 BEDROOMS with 1 double bed and 1 double convertible sofa bed

→ HIGH SPEED INTERNET WIFI to consult the Internet for free and quickly

→ NETFLIX + HD TV for entertainment with over 160 TV channels

→ IRONING KIT to avoid wrinkled dresses and shirts

→ OVEN & MICROWAVE to play the starred chefs and savor the gastronomy of the South-West

→ WASHING MACHINE to have clean clothes in all circumstances

→ COFFEE MACHINE, TEA, TOASTER and my favorite candies are present to make you feel at home

→ The apartment is located on the first floor in an interior courtyard



Want to experience Dijon like a Dijonnais?

Restaurants, museums, busy streets …

Discover Dijon, off the beaten track, here is what I can offer you!

You will find in my welcome pack:

→ 1 map of the city of Dijon

→ 1 guide with extensive information to facilitate your stay:

My 3 favorite restaurants to discover the richness of Burgundian gastronomy

My 5 must-see places not to be missed

Parking in the city center



→ Located 15 min walk from Dijon train station

→ Located in the historic center

→ Located 2 minutes from the main shopping street Dijonnaise (rue de la liberté)

→ Parking is possible in the alley (paying) and free a few hundred meters away (Rue Diderot)





Apple Wants to Make iPhones from Recycled Materials Starting in 2030

Apple Wants to Make iPhones from Recycled Materials Starting in 2030

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Apple planning to make a cell phone iPhone whose material comes from recycled materials. The company is committed to implementing the plan from 2030.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made the announcement at this year’s VivaTech Summit, citing GizChina.

He said the company’s future would depend on ‘renewable resources’.

Cook claims that Apple has been one of the companies that focus on reducing carbon emissions. The company also hopes to increase the use of recycled materials throughout the production chain and ultimately to the end user.

Before the desire is actually realized, Apple has offered a concept that deserves to be proud of. For example, 40 percent of the aluminum used in the manufacture of Macs is recycled.

Citing the official site Apple, iPhone 12 has used 35 percent or more recycled plastic in 14 components.

Then as part of its concern for the environment and in order to reduce its carbon footprint, the company has removed chargers from shipments smartphone.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (Foxconn), an electronics maker that is Apple’s main iPhone assembly partner, has warned that a global electronics supply crisis will hit the electronics and auto industries in the first quarter of 2021.

However, the company managed to overcome the impact of component shortages and achieved higher-than-expected profit margins. Its net profit was Tw$28.2 billion (US$1 billion), beating the average analyst estimate of Tw$24.4 billion.

The company said second-quarter earnings will likely be the same as in the previous quarter, as production growth in the consumer electronics and components division is offset by slower growth for the servers and computers division. That’s partly due to a shortage of electronic parts, including chips.

“The component shortage in the second quarter will be more severe than the first quarter,” said Young Chairman Liu.

Jung Liu previously said last month that component shortages had been felt since late March 2021.

(ryh / mik)

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DigiTruck, mobile IT training by Huawei

DigiTruck, mobile IT training by Huawei

According to’Insee, 17% of the French population is in a situation of illectronism, that is to say the state of a person who does not master the skills necessary for the use and creation of digital resources. Faced with this alarming finding, Huawei took advantage of the Parisian VivaTech trade fair to announce, alongside its partners Simplon, Close the Gap and ATRenew, the launch of the DigiTruck program. The concept is simple: a connected vehicle that travels the Hauts-de-France to help people with digital difficulties. The DigiTruck team offers all these people – without access or with limited access to digital resources – basic computer training. ” It is the responsibility of a large technological group like Huawei to help reduce the digital divide ” , said Linda Han, CEO of Huawei in France, during the project announcement conference. With 40 participants per day and 200 per week, the program could reach more than 10,000 people in Hauts-de-France.

Turning a container into a mobile classroom

The DigiTruck project was primarily designed for young adults, job seekers and seniors. It offers training in a container converted into a mobile and connected classroom. Training is provided by experts from the Simplon group, specialist in digital training. ” We will use active pedagogy in our training. In other words, we will start from the concrete problems encountered by the participants to help them find precise solutions ” , details Frédéric Bardeau, president and co-founder of Simplon.

The Belgian NGO, Close the Gap, has been called upon in particular for its work in Africa, and more particularly in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire, where it is launching two DigiTruck operations in parallel. ATRenew, a specialist in computer equipment recycling, for its part, supplied the tablets as well as the smartphones that will be used during the experiment.

The DigiTruck has 20 workstations equipped with tablets, a local wifi network, an overhead projector, as well as Huawei smartphones. The installation is powered by solar energy through panels installed on the roof, thus limiting the carbon footprint of this experience. ” Our ambition is to provide a fun program to promote the professional integration of people affected by the digital divide and to share the digital culture in one of the regions most affected by illectronism in France ” , explains Frédéric Bardeau.

The fight against illectronism and the digital divide

The Hauts-de-France has 800,000 people in a situation of illectronism according to theInsee, making this region the first victim of the digital divide. The DigiTruck will therefore target “Priority City Districts” (QPV) which have a significant need for access to training and employment.

Classes, from 90 to 120 minutes, will focus on a specific skill, with 3 to 4 daily sessions. They will allow you to familiarize yourself with the devices, use messaging services and online conferencing tools. They will also respond to targeted objectives such as ” format a professional documentl “or” complete an online administrative form » . “We have worked a lot with The Assemblers, the inclusive digital hub of Hauts-de-France, to offer a long-standing thoughtful training program that is consistent with the needs of the population ” , specifies the president of Simplon.

Sustain the project, a social responsibility

« We want to provide a quality internet connection to the entire French population, but we also realize that this is not enough to fight against the digital divide. This is why we have decided to offer personalized support, in the form of a mobile school which meets the inhabitants to meet their daily needs ” , develops Linda Han.

The DigiTruck will thus travel the roads of Hauts-de-France from July 5 to November 27. It will cross 9 cities:

  • Béthune from July 5 to 18
  • Dunkirk from July 19 to August 1
  • Calais from August 2 to August 15
  • Boulogne from August 16 to August 29
  • Douai from August 30 to September 19
  • Valenciennes from September 20 to October 3
  • Lens from October 4 to October 17
  • Roubaix from October 18 to November 7
  • Lille from 8 to 27 November

But the program may not stop there. ” 50% of digital jobs are in Île-de-France, while it is also the second region most affected by the digital divide. We would therefore like to deploy our program there, if the first stage in Hauts-de-France is successful ” , explains Frédéric Bardeau.

Maddyness, Huawei media partner.

Buy Now, Pay Later Startup Kredivo Doubles Its Debt Facility from Victory Park Capital to $200 Million

Buy Now, Pay Later Startup Kredivo Doubles Its Debt Facility from Victory Park Capital to 0 Million

credit Today announced that they have secured another $100 million debt facility from Victory Park Capital (VPC). This doubled Indonesia’s digital credit and loan platform warehouse financing facility from VPC to $200 million. That first round It closed in July 2020.

Kredivo is operated by Singapore-based FinAccel. This is the largest loan facility I have ever applied for, and the largest VPC debt commitment for a fintech company outside of the US and Europe, as well as its only investment in Southeast Asia. Kredivo will use the debt facility to help achieve its goal of serving 10 million customers in Indonesia.

Other well-known startups that have received debt financing from VPCs include shaverAnd 14 FactoryAnd trust And upload.

Kredivo has more than three million customers and offers two main types of loan products: 30-day “buy now, pay later” financing for e-commerce and offline purchases, and three-, six-, and 12-month installment loans at an interest rate of 2.6. % per month, or a maximum annual rate of 53.36%. Kredivo CEO Akshay Garg told TechCrunch that the “buy now, pay later” service is typically used for small online purchases, while installment loans are used to fund larger transactions, such as laptops, home renovations or medical care.

While “buy now, pay later” services such as Klarna, Afterpay or Affirm offer convenience to customers in the US or Europe, they also serve in emerging markets as credit building tools, particularly in countries where credit card penetration is low, Garg said. .

“Credit is one of the largest and most complex areas of the financial services ecosystem, and the reality is that Indonesia is missing out on this equation,” he said. Most banks only offer secured loans, such as home or car loans, and unsecured loans are rare. There are only eight million credit card holders in Indonesia, which has a population of 270.6 million, Garg said, and that number has not changed in 13 years.

One of the reasons for the low penetration rate of credit cards in Indonesia is that banks are reluctant to offer unsecured loans, especially to younger customers.

“What we are solving is not a convenience issue but an access issue. We’re putting unsecured credit, or the ability to buy on debt, into the hands of urban millennials for the first time, simply because banks don’t provide it for them. access to credit cards,” Garg said. “.

He added that Kredivo’s effective risk assessment model allowed for low interest rates and a low NPL ratio, despite the economic impact of COVID-19, which Garg described as an “experiment with fire.”

Like credit cards from banks, Kredivo also provides reports on customer loan history to credit bureaus in Indonesia, so that they can build credit scores. “What we did was build Indonesia’s first digital credit bureau from scratch, and I think our risk metrics show that this is not just for some unconventional innovation, but something that delivers real performance,” said Garg.

“We are impressed by the resilience and growth of the business and look forward to deepening our partnership with Kredivo. The company offers a unique blend of growth, scale, risk management and financial inclusion in one of the world’s most exciting emerging markets,” VPC Partner Gordon Watson said in a statement.