A Green competitor sanctioned after a tense meeting?

If we didn’t necessarily expect it, the Greens do a good maintenance. Among the many competitors of ASSE for this mission, Laval is confronted with a reserve brought from Valenciennes.

During the fifteenth day of Ligue 2, November 12, the Stade Lavallois welcomes Valenciennes. The northern team lost in Mayenne in a particularly tense game. A 1-0 victory for Laval which continues to cause discussions weeks later.

The northerners are very fast in 11 against 9. 17′ minute Bryan Goncalves excluded. 17 minutes later Yohan Tavares was also sent off. A tumultuous meeting ensued. To everyone’s surprise, the Laval residents opened the scoring and Marvin Baudry scored the only goal of the match in the 41st minute.

23 Yohan TAVARES (slmfc) – 12 Yasser BALDE (slmfc) – 04 Jimmy ROYE (slmfc) – Benjamin LEPAYSANT (UMPIRE) during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Laval and Valenciennes at Stade Francis Le Basser on November 12, 2022 in Laval, France . (Photo by Eddy Lemaistre/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

Laval will hold on until the end of the match and keep his victory. Three points that allow the promoted to have 20 points after 15 games this season. 9 more than AS Saint-Etienne. 5 points ahead of Dijon, first relegation.

However, this match could never have ended. According to France Bleu Mayenne, the referee, Mr. Lepaysant was hit by a bullet, a plastic bag with a banana peel inside it in the second half. The perpetrator was arrested and apologized. The Laval club filed a complaint. However, Laval still faces a penalty. A financial penalty or even a partial or total closed door match could be applied.

Laurent Lairy, president of Laval, called his supporters” to individual responsibility on the airwaves of France Blau Mayenne: “ There are two things I would like to point out. The first is disputes against the arbitration body. I condemn these results. I wish this habit of judgment would end. You have to be kind, this is the message I’ve been bringing to the Stade Lavallois for a year and a half. The second thing is the behavior of some fans, due to a certain annoyance […]

Let everyone experience moments of pleasure, and don’t add violent gestures that do not respect the respect of a public organization. Please, in order not to penalize the show, I ask the fans to pay attention to their behavior. In 1% of cases it goes wrong. If we manage to avoid this 1% that penalizes us a lot. It’s a shame to get to a fine or a match behind closed doors. Too bad it comes to this because we penalize the show, we penalize the players and we penalize ourselves. »

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39 Anthony GONCALVES (slmfc) during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Laval and Valenciennes at Stade Francis Le Basser on November 12, 2022 in Laval, France. (Photo by Eddy Lemaistre/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

Furthermore, the Voix du Nord informs us today that Valenciennes has filed a technical reservation. The VAFC scolds the match’s two “false ends” caused by a spectator with a boo. The reserve would have little chance of success. However, the president of the north, Eddy Zdziech, considers the approach more than justified. “ It’s not for what we lose but it’s two pitch invasions that distort the end of the match. We had therefore booked after the meeting. »

The return match is already announced!

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