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“Capture the Pride”: A Unique Costume Sweet Pet Web Drama

It is jointly produced by Dongsen Film and Television, China Mobile Migu Company’s Gugu Studio, and Shijia Culture. It is supervised by Zhu Dongning, Ma Di serves as the chief planner, Miao Zongxi serves as the chief producer, and Ge Qiang, Zhang Yijia, and Wang Jingjing serve as producers. Directed by Liu Songfeng and written by Wang Tingting and Li RuonanCostume sweet pet light comedy “Seize the Pride”It will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video today. The play stars Zhao Qing and Liu Zhiyi, and also stars Huang Zien, Sun Hao and Shang Xuan. A glamorous and wealthy businesswoman revives her family business and opens an amusement park, while a cold-faced male assassin is forced to take up her job and become the top card. The two happily fight each other and laugh constantly.

Double A’s over-the-top moves are super exciting, a battle of wits, courage and love

The web drama “Capture the Pride” tells the story of the city of Leling where women are respected. The assassin Yue Qishan (played by Liu Zhiyi), who bears the hatred of genocide, hides in a dilapidated inn with two of his men to assassinate the city lord Bai He who is about to open a shop here. (played by Shang Xuan). Unexpectedly, Lu Huaishuang (played by Zhao Qing), the bankrupt richest man, arrived. She transformed the inn into a music hall exclusively for the entertainment of high-ranking ladies. In order to complete her revenge, Yue Qishan could only commit herself to the music hall with her men. In this way, a group of killers who are good at axes, axes, hooks and forks started playing, playing and singing, and learned how to please female guests. Under the “training” of Boss Lu, the cold and charming assassin Yue Qishan became the popular star of the music hall, and also fell in love with the boss who “forced him into prostitution”…

In the trailer released, the glamorous businesswoman Lu Huaishuang and the cold-faced assassin Yue Qishan sometimes confront each other, and sometimes flirt with each other ambiguously. The extreme push and pull, emotional entanglement and mutual testing between the two strong characters are fascinating. Netizens praised the heroine’s extraordinary flirting skills and bold and strong character: “So brave!” And the setting of women respecting men’s virtues, the character contrast of the assassin putting down his sword and practicing playing and singing, the ancient man-made stars and people Many novel elements such as design, endorsements and autograph sales have also raised netizens’ expectations for the show. When Yue Qishan, who is bent on revenge, meets Lu Huaishuang, a female boss who is bent on making money, can the fate between the two of them stand up to many tests, and when love and hate become choices, where will they go? More exciting and more You find out.

The anti-routine setting is refreshing and the ancient and modern collide and resonate with each other.

It is worth mentioning that the web drama “Seize the Pride” takes an unusual approach in terms of story and character settings. The story background of the drama takes place in a world where women are respected, and it was full of attractions from the very beginning. The love between the male and female protagonists in the play is also different from the general sweet pet theme. Their love is not only “large-scale” in which they dote on each other, but also has a touching and sadistic experience of life and death. It can be said that the whole process is sweet and sad, which makes People want to stop. In addition, the anti-routine and anti-facial character settings in the play also make the story more interesting. The heroine Lu Huaishuang makes a cool appearance in one second, showing off the characteristics of a powerful female boss in a shopping mall. In the next second, she transforms into a “straight ball” girl and takes the initiative to attack Yue Qishan. She uses sweet plots such as “forehead kiss”, “domineering show of love” and other sweet plots to seduce the girl crazily. Heart. Yue Qishan, on the other hand, can switch freely between the roles of assassin and top performer, and can play both the sword and the piano. Wrapped in multiple vests, the story of the love struggle between the male and female protagonists is sparkling.

As a costume drama, “Seize the Pride” breaks the routine of conventional costume dramas and creates a rich and funny style with novel ideas and interesting storylines. In the play, a variety of modern ideas such as star-making and character packaging, endorsements and peripheral sales, boss swindling, business infighting, poaching and other modern ideas take turns. The plot uses ancient metaphors to describe the present, which has greatly resonated with today’s young people. .

What methods will China’s richest woman use to “subdue” the cold-blooded assassin in “Capture of Pride”? What interesting story will unfold between the two? At 12 noon on December 6, Tencent Video “Capture of Pride” will be exclusively launched. More exciting plots for members to watch first!


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