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A scenario similar to the crimes of the “Great Depression”… Launch of the “Promo” of the game GTA 6

After a long wait, Rockstar released the official promotional advertisement for the new version of its famous GTA game series, which is the first version in the history of the game in which a girl is among the main characters, in addition to a major development in the game’s graphics and story.

The company said, Official statementThe new game, GTA 6, will take place within the fictional city of VICE, built and designed on the basis of the American city of Miami.

The story of the new game depends on a young man and a girl who form a gang to carry out a number of missions within GTA 6, in a scenario of events that is very similar to the story of the famous criminal duo “Bonnie Elizabeth” and “Clyde Chesnut”, which became famous in the 1920s, where the duo carried out a number of… A large number of armed robberies occurred throughout the United States during the Great Depression.

The new game will arrive in 2025 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox

It is noteworthy that the game GTA 5 has succeeded in achieving sales exceeding 190 million copies since its launch in September 2013 until now.

Rockstar founder Sam Houser confirmed that the new version of Grand Theft Auto is a new step in the company’s journey towards expanding the horizons of the rich experience that players get within the game’s open world.

Rock Star had set the date of December 5 to release the teaser, but an anonymous account, called @Gta6trailerleak, published part of the advertisement on the “X” social platform, prompting the company to publish the full advertisement on its official YouTube channel one day before the specified date. The anonymous account on “X” was blocked.

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