Cabinet will review possible easing on a weekly basis | NOW

Every week, the cabinet will examine whether the corona measures can be relaxed, for example with the reopening of the terraces. This is what outgoing Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Security) said on Monday after the Security Consultation, the meeting of the presidents of the 25 security regions.

On Tuesday, the cabinet will discuss which corona measures will or will not be extended. That will be announced in a press conference in the evening.

The cabinet previously considered reopening the terraces from April 21, but that intention seems to have been canceled. “I would like this to be the case, but I am sad about this. There is a very clear advice from the OMT,” said Grapperhaus.

It is not yet possible, because it mobilizes too many people, says the minister. “We have to weigh everything up and the pressure on hospitals is really enormous. We are very close to that peak. If that peak gets higher, accidents will happen. The OMT says we have to hold on for a while. in any case, less than a month. “

Postponing relaxation is a very difficult problem, according to Grapperhaus, because a large number of Dutch people have a kind of corona fatigue. “We understand the disappointment. Last week we saw a bright spot and a few days later this bright spot was a bit less visible.”


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