Buzova in a silk mini dress with an accent at the waist dined on Santorini

The TV presenter went alone to a restaurant in a Greek resort.

Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/

Olga Buzova is one of the most popular artists in Russia. She became the idol of young people when she began to sing. At the same time, the girl also plays in the theater and hosts television programs. However, this year she left the post of the host of “House-2”. On top of that, Olga broke up with Dava after a long relationship. This prompted her to reconsider her values. She began to travel more.

Olga recently spent a month filming in Africa. Now she arranged for herself vacation in Greece. The girl has already visited Athens, where she walked through historical places all day. She is now enjoying the colorful views of Santorini. TV presenter dI even burst into tears, when I walked among the white houses with the famous blue roofs. But in the evening Buzova dressed up to go to a restaurant.

The girl was captured in a silk floral mini-dress. A doll outfit with an accent at the waist accentuated her slender figure. At the same time, Buzova braided her hair into a braid that touched the waist. Already with a Louis Vuitton handbag, she went out into the street.

“I didn’t book a table because I live in a hotel where everyone comes to watch the sunset and take pictures. I will go and sit where I sit. In Russian it is like that, ”she said.

While waiting for the dishes, the artist boasted that she was waiting for the premiere of the new track “Woman’s Share”. She assured that the song will reveal all of her experiences. Fans admired how the TV presenter looks.

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