“I suffered for a long time because I loved him very much”

The TV presenter and the football player divorced in 2016. Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov seemed like the perfect couple, but divorced with a scandal. The footballer drove the singing presenter out of the house and took away the car. Despite this, the ex-star of “House-2” does not hold a grudge against her ex-husband. “I […]

Buzova was laughed at for strange dances

Yulia Filatova Instagram is still discussing whether the singer knows how to move plasticly. Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova is preparing to present his new solo concert at the end of the month and promises that it will be something grandiose. Having recently released the third album, the […]

Buzova, amid skirmishes with Dava, admired the reunion of Lopez and Affleck

Irina Romanova The artist made a frank confession at the presentation of a new project. Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press TV presenter Olga Buzova has long parted with showman David Manukyan. However, the stars still cannot forget their previous grievances and quarrels. Although the ex-darling of Dava is not ready to return to the […]

David Manukyan told how he felt like a maniac because of Olga Buzova

Irina Romanova The singer remembered how he himself offered the chosen one several times to leave. David Manukyan and Olga Buzova on vacation. Photo: Instagram.com/dava_m Showman David Manukyan shared the details of the break in relations with Olga Buzova. The celebrity stressed that he sincerely loved the artist. However, they both felt miserable. “After that […]

Kushanashvili spoke about Buzova’s frequent offenses

Larisa Grechikhina The journalist treats the singing presenter well. Otar Kushanashvili. Photo: Global Look Press TO Olga Buzovoy are treated differently. Some adore her, others openly express their dislike. Nevertheless, to her 35, the former participant of “House-2” was able to build a dizzying career in show business and become one of the most sought-after […]

Mom’s size: Malakhov showed an “unsuccessful” photo of the recovered Buzova

Julia Todorovich The TV presenter presented a new song. She celebrated this event with her mother, but Andrei Malakhov came to her unexpectedly. Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/ Olga Buzova is one of the most popular people in the country. She regularly tries her hand at new projects. The TV presenter recently left her post at […]

Buzova in a bodice of triangles boldly bared her chest. Photo

Julia Todorovich The TV presenter surprised fans with her transformed figure. Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/ Olga Buzova for many years he has been broadcasting and starring in various projects. This year she left the show “Dom-2”. The girl decided to change her life. She began to vacation more often abroad, participate in new shows and […]

“My sweet pie”: Buzova in shorts with a run jumped on his back to Galustyan

Olga Kamilova The ex-presenter of “House-2” jokes no worse than stand-up comedians. At the same time, climbing onto Mikhail’s back, the singer “accidentally” flashed her gorgeous legs. Olga Buzova. Photo: Instagram.com/buzova86 Olga Buzova shared on Instagram fresh shots with the participation of Mikhail Galustyan. Two stars are filmed in a new project. And in their […]

Olga Buzova came to the party wearing “gold”

Julia Todorovich The TV presenter appeared on the “New Wave” contest in a bold manner. She had fun in the company of Yana Rudkovskaya, running onto the stage. Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/ Olga Buzova travels a lot this summer. She recently admitted that she herself is amazed at what her schedule is. The TV presenter […]