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Brake explosion that made Maverick Vinales jump from a motorcycle in MotoGP Styria page all

KOMPAS.comMaverick Vinales reveals the cause of the terrible incident that befell him at the race MotoGP Styria 2020.

The Monster Energy Yamaha team racer did not get any points from MotoGP Styria 2020 after failing to finish in the main race.

Driving at the Red Bull Ring Circuit, Austria, Sunday (23/8/2020), Maverick Vinales had a horror accident because of his motorbike problem.

In reruns, Maverick Vinales is seen dropping himself at 230 km / h.

He was forced to jump off a Yamaha motorbike at high speed in order to avoid a more serious accident.

The incident cost Maverick Vinales the two worst races of his MotoGP career.

In the previous race, last week’s Austrian MotoGP which was also held at the Red Bull Ring, Vinales got a bad result by finishing in 14th position.

“We have to forget these two races in Austria. To be sure, they are the two worst races I have ever participated in in MotoGP,” said Vinales, as quoted by Antara. BolaSport.com from The Race.

Vinales is 13th, after slipping from sixth due to recurring brake problems.

At that time, the front brake actually came off when it was about to turn at corner 1 at high speed.

Realizing that his speed would not slow down, Vinales jumped off the motorbike, which remained upright as he quickly crossed the air fence.

The air fence was knocked down and Vinales’ motorbike caught fire, but the Spaniard was not injured.

Vinales revealed that his Yamaha motorbike began to slowly lose its braking power between laps 3 and 4.

“I started to lose front brake pressure. I tried, I got off the track once,” said Vinales.

“My pace on three laps was very slow. At the best lap, I was 1 minute 26 seconds, I drove my fastest lap to 1 minute 24 seconds again without brakes.”

“(Fabio) Quartararo, Valentino (Rossi) and (Danilo) Petrucci then followed me.”

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“Suddenly the brake function was good again, so I can make the best lap of 1 minute 24 seconds.”

After struggling to control the motorbike, Vinales said that he had to give up because of the explosion that occurred to the brakes.

“I recovered a lot from Valentino and Fabio, then suddenly at the first corner the brakes exploded, so it was impossible to do anything,” said Vinales.

Another Yamaha rider, Fabio Quartararo, also experienced brake problems in the previous race.

This problem has even made Quartararto worried about competing in the Styria MotoGP.

Vinales also admitted that he had never experienced this during his career in MotoGP.

“Maybe the brakes will drop a little bit, I’ll play with the levers,” said Vinales.

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“However, today on every lap I adjust the lever from corner to corner, I can’t do anything.”

“” I think the front brake is missing. I continued without brakes. My first intention was to get off the bike because I couldn’t stop the bike, it’s impossible. “

“I understood very well that the brakes were broken or something, so I decided to jump,” said Vinales.

After failing in Austria and Styria, Maverick Vinales is determined to get up at the San Marino MotoGP race at the Misano Circuit, Italy, 13 September. (Delia Mustikasari)

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