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BR-KLASSIK hosts Cinema Screening of Anne-Sophie Mutter’s Live Performance | BR Classic

Cinema event with BR-KLASSIK

Anne-Sophie Mutter live

03/30/2023 by Susanna Felix

On Wednesday evening was the big BR-KLASSIK cinema event for the documentary “Anne-Sophie Mutter – Vivace”. The film also shows the star violinist from her personal side. BR-KLASSIK presented the event. Anne-Sophie Mutter was live at the Munich cinema at Sendlinger Tor and answered questions from the audience.

Image source: BR/Markus Konvalin

Anne-Sophie Mutter enters the foyer. And something is changing. Everyone feels her presence, her incredible charisma. It’s raining outside. People crowd together in the foyer. The star violinist sits down on a bench to sign the cinema’s guest book. Some of the guests respectfully keep their distance, others look curiously over Anne-Sophie Mutter’s shoulder, wanting to catch a glimpse of what she has written. Finding out something about them, something personal, is what draws many here. “Anne Sophie Mutter – Vivace” is the name of the documentary that will be shown at the BR KLASSIK cinema event. It just came out in cinemas.

From the Black Forest to Hollywood

Scene from the documentary
The documentary “Anne-Sophie Mutter – Vivace” provides insights into the life of the star violinist. | Image source: Juergen Carle

Anne-Sophie Mutter is celebrating her 60th birthday this year. A good reason to look back on an unprecedented global career. The director Sigrid Faltin has chosen an interesting approach for her documentary: It starts with a hike through the Kitzbühler Alps. The director walks through the mountain landscape with Anne-Sophie Mutter, the two talk: Where did the violinist get her passion for hiking, how did she survive her corona infection, and why aren’t her hands insured? A relaxed, informal atmosphere is created in which the violinist also comes closer to you as a person.

What does Anne-Sophie Mutter say about the documentary?

A detailed interview with Anne-Sophie Mutter about the new documentary “Vivace” can be found here. BR-KLASSIK asked the star violinist about the background.

Scene from the documentary
Roger Federer in “Vivace”: Anne-Sophie Mutter is a fan of the tennis star Image source: Juergen Carle

In between there are flashbacks: film footage from her time as a child prodigy. Anne-Sophie Mutter grew up in the Black Forest. Early film documents give insight into her life as a growing musician. In addition, there are concert recordings and statements by important companions such as Herbert von Karajan, who discovered her when she was 13. The whole thing is interwoven with current conversation excerpts: Anne-Sophie Mutter in conversation with fellow musicians such as Daniel Barenboim, Jörg Widmann and film music legend John Williams, but also with tennis star Roger Federer, whom she adores. She talks to him about the parallels between making music and high-performance sport.

In the audience: BR-KLASSIK listeners

Listeners to BR-KLASSIK are also in the audience that evening. As part of a major raffle, BR-KLASSIK gave away numerous cinema tickets – in a total of six cinemas. In addition to Munich, also in Augsburg, Bad Reichenhall, Dettelbach, Nuremberg and Regensburg.


Anne-Sophie Mutter on stage |  Image source: Bayerischer Rundfunk 2023

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Image source: Bayerischer Rundfunk 2023

Questions to Anne-Sophie Mutter

After the film there will be a round of talks with Anne-Sophie Mutter, director Sigrid Faltin and BR-KLASSIK presenter Johann Jahn. Now the audience can ask questions. And everything comes: Questions about the violinist’s childhood, about her Stradivarius, how she conjures up her wonderful piano, why she doesn’t play the viola in public, and when we can see her again in open-air concerts. Anne-Sophie Mutter answers all questions. At this point at the latest, the world star no longer seems unapproachable.

I love the state of discovery!

Anne Sophie Mutter

In the film, for example, Anne-Sophie Mutter says that artistically she never achieved what she dreamed of. When asked from the audience what she would do differently in her life, she replies: “Achieving something also means standing still. I actually live contrary to the philosophy that I cultivate what I can. I always cultivate that , which I can’t. Because I love the state of danger and ignorance, of pressure, of learning and discovery. Even if that inevitably means that I’ll never get there. That doesn’t bother me at all. It’s progressing steadily. And I think that’s okay.”

Live experience as “icing on the cake”

Experiencing Anne-Sophie Mutter live – in addition to the documentary – was a special experience for the audience. “She radiates incredible energy – beyond her music. That really excited me,” enthuses a young woman after the cinema event. Being able to ask the violinist questions herself was an absolute highlight, says another: “That was the icing on the cake.”

Broadcast: “Allegro” on March 30, 2023 from 6:05 a.m. on BR-KLASSIK

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