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Tricolor Fan Rebukes Leo Coelho in Viral Video

March 29, 2023 – 15:53

The Peñarol defender who last season defended Nacional, Leo Coelho, was rebuked by a Tricolor fan while the footballer was carrying out a procedure at a collection office and the video went viral on networks.

In the video, which quickly went viral on social networks, the filmer is heard saying “chicken sold, you sold us, you sold us” as he approaches the footballer who was being served at the counter.

Given this approach, the athlete turned around, looked at him and asked him twice not to touch him.

“I loved you a lot,” continues the fan, who accuses him of being a “traitor” at the end of the video.

The transfer of the Brazilian defender to Peñarol caused discomfort among Tricolor fans and it should be remembered that both he and his wife were victims of threats due to this episode.

At that time, the defender stressed that “Peñarol made himself available, Mutual too, and they left him a little calmer and safer.”

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