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Judicial Investigation Launched Following Death of 19-Year-Old Woman in Metz ER with Ecstasy Found in Her Blood

The causes of his death were unexplained and questioned. The Metz prosecutor’s office has opened a judicial investigation against X for “manslaughter” and “failure to assist a person in danger” after the suspicious death of a 19-year-old girl in the emergency room of Mercy hospital, a-t- we learned this Friday from the prosecution.

On the night of March 3 to 4, this young girl had been taken care of by the firefighters and taken to the emergency room of Mercy hospital, around 4:30 a.m., where the medical and paramedical teams of the establishment had taken over. His death was subsequently noted in the afternoon and then confirmed by the management of the Messin hospital on March 6.

An investigation into “search for the causes of death” was immediately opened. The young woman had been “found dead in a room where there are showers and stretchers”, according to the regional daily Le Républicain Lorrain. She was autopsied on March 9.

Discomfort before entering a nightclub

“The results of the blood samples and toxicological analyzes carried out reveal the presence of MDMA in the blood of the victim”, specified the deputy prosecutor of Metz Thomas Bernard. It had “appeared from the hearings of her friends” that the young woman had consumed this synthetic drug, commonly called ecstasy, during the evening.

According to Le Républicain Lorrain, the young girl would have spent the evening with friends before going to a nightclub in downtown Metz. She would have felt unwell in front of the establishment before being taken care of by the emergency services.

In a press release, the Metz Thionville Regional Hospital Center had confirmed “the death of a patient in the afternoon of March 4 following her admission in the early morning, where she was taken care of by medical and paramedical teams. of Mercy Hospital’s emergency department.

“For the sake of confidentiality, dignity and out of respect for the family and their loved ones, the CHR (…) will not make any comments”, wrote the establishment in its press release, stressing that the hospital “is associated with the pain of parents, family and loved ones whom we assure of our support”.

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