Sport Bohemians - Boleslav 2: 1, the predominance of the...

Bohemians – Boleslav 2: 1, the predominance of the home team was not enough to turn around, decided Klíma


The Bohemians had to write about their success after retaliation. To analyze the sensational turn. They developed a huge advantage in front of their own audience – especially in the first half, but they scored only two goals.

And Mladá Boleslav from a single attack, one from the forward ditch. The key. Decisive. Finally, progressive.

The guests were also a bit lucky, because the blow of the forward Klíma ended behind the back of Le Giang due to the flow of the Bederka stopper. He didn’t have to break his stride, slipping the ball past the keeper to make it 1 – 0, 38 minutes into the game.

It was a cold shower for the home team, until then they had the match under control. From the opening whistle, they pressed the Mladá Boleslav players in front of their lime and undertook one offensive raid after another.

The Bohemians scored from the fourth promising opportunity – Mosquera returned the reflected center of Vodháněla to the penalty area and Puškáč, who started after a month, rejoiced in the third league goal, the first in a green and white jersey.

But before? At first, Gray was frightened by Hůlka’s dotted shot, a moment later Vodháněl fired directly into the Mladá Boleslav goalkeeper after Vack’s nice individual work, then Mosquera did not make his mark on the back post …

The guests were under a lot of pressure in the opening half hour, defending themselves, fouling, finding it difficult to resist the offensive of the Bohemians, pushed by the fanatical support of the fans in Ďolíček.

Even before Puškáč’s shot, they were really stunned when Boleslav threw the first tut of the match: Mosquera returned perfectly to help the defense with a sprint on the left line, but then poured the guests into a chance where the home team held Le Giang, while Fulnek asked himself how that he did not score a goal from the penalty area.

Nečas did not use another promising opportunity for the home team, the dominance of the Kangaroos continued even after the change of sides and Jindřišek even returned the lead from a direct kick, but they were far from the progressive result. And for the rest of the match, they didn’t come a step closer to him – also because their pressure had waned over time.

On Sunday, July 12, Boleslav will play for the second preliminary round of the European League. And on the field of the fifth team of the group for the title – that is, either Liberec or Jablonec.


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