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Boeing “Whistleblower” John Barnett’s Mysterious Death Raises Questions: Did He Really Commit Suicide?

Employees dare not assemble the aircraft themselves!Boeing “whistleblower” dies suddenly: Something may happen to me but I will never commit suicide

Since the beginning of this year, Boeing aircraft have been involved in accidents from time to time, pushing the aircraft manufacturer to the forefront. The sudden death of the “whistleblower” who exposed Boeing’s safety issues has aroused great concern from global public opinion.

On March 9, John Barnett, a former senior employee of Boeing who had repeatedly exposed the manufacturing problems of Boeing passenger planes, was found dead in his truck parked in the hotel parking lot.

The South Carolina Coroner’s Office confirmed that Barnett died of an apparent “self-inflicted injury,” but police are still investigating more details.

Barnett worked for Boeing for more than 30 years before retiring due to medical reasons in 2017. Boeing expressed condolences at the news of his death.

But according to the latest media reports, a close friend of Barnett broke the news: Barnett had a premonition that something might happen to him, so he told his friends not to believe it if there was news that he had committed suicide.

Barnett’s attorney, Brian Knowles, said Barnett exposed serious safety issues with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and was retaliated against. Barnett had been providing evidence in a lawsuit against Boeing for some time before his death.

Barnett made a real-name report in 2019 alleging that Boeing asked workers to install parts on the aircraft even though they knew the parts were defective. Barnett said tests have shown that as many as a quarter of oxygen supply systems may be defective, causing oxygen masks to not function properly in an emergency.

Knowles said Barnett had been in good spirits and we had seen nothing to suggest he would commit suicide and no one would believe that.

Barnett’s friend Jennifer broke the news: “I know that Barnett did not commit suicide. It is impossible. He loved life too much, he loved his family too much, and he loved his brother too much, so he would not let it go.” They’re going through what’s happening now.”

Jennifer once asked Barnett if he was afraid of retaliation from Boeing. Barnett responded: “No, I’m not afraid, but if something happened to me, it wouldn’t be suicide. I wouldn’t kill myself.”

According to Jennifer, Barnett was threatened by someone who didn’t like what he was saying and wanted to shut him up. Jennifer guessed it was a Boeing representative.

But Barnett has been reporting Boeing safety issues, and after his retirement, John launched a long-term “legal battle” with Boeing. That’s why they made it look like a suicide, said Jennifer, who last saw Barnett in late February.

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