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Bitcoin broke through 40,000, and the 24-hour exchange rate had an ups and downs close to 7%. (Reuters)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]The Bitcoin exchange rate reached $38,985.01 today after standing at the $40,000 barrier for a few days. In the past 24 hours, the exchange rate has fluctuated up to 7% and the spread is as high as 80,000 Taiwan dollars.

It is appropriate to describe the recent Bitcoin trend as “one day in the currency circle, one year in the world“. Both the bullish and the declining have their supporters. In any case, the recent Bitcoin exchange rate trend really makes many investors itchy.

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However, the Bitcoin exchange rate directly broke the 40,000 barrier at 7 pm Taipei time, and once reached the door of 38,000 US dollars. Although the buying order took over, the price is still below 40,000 US dollars.

If observed at the 24-hour exchange rate, the price difference between Bitcoin’s high and low is approaching 3,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to a price difference of about 80,000 Taiwan dollars. Investors must have a strong heart to be able to bear it.

Because Bitcoin is very hot, some villagers said in a PTT PO article today that they spent a lot of time researching Bitcoin, thinking that there is no output value and guarantee behind Bitcoin, and painstakingly persuaded everyone to exit. As a result, villagers built a building to express their opinions, and some people humorously replied: “It’s a good risk that you only study now, or you will be run into the sleeping park.” However, many villagers called this a waste article because many financial institutions Coffee holds Bitcoin.

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