“Berserk Bang Champion Grabs Gas Station Queue, Abuses Other Drivers in Jakarta”


Viral on social media a video showing the action of a ‘bang champion’ grabbing the line at the Daan Mogot gas station, West Jakarta (Jakbar). In the video, it is narrated that the ‘bang champion’ goes berserk and abuses other car drivers when he is reprimanded for trespassing.

As seen detikcom In the video circulating on Tuesday (30/5/2023), several vehicles are seen lining up to refuel. Suddenly a white car jumped into the queue.

A moment later, the driver who grabbed him got out of his car and approached the car behind him. ‘Big Bang’ got out of his car because he didn’t accept being reprimanded after breaking into the queue. Instead of apologizing, the car driver actually abused him.

Kalideres Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Aep Haryaman confirmed the incident. The incident occurred on Saturday (28/5).

At that time, the victim with the initials FF (32) was waiting in line to fill up with fuel, when the perpetrators came and grabbed the queue. The victim reprimanded him, but was returned a punch to the victim’s face.

“It’s a victim charge gasoline, he (the perpetrator) go ahead. Reprimanded by the victim’hi, queue dong’. The perpetrator did not accept it, came down, a friend said no, separated. The indication of four people, which is down two people, the one retain don’t make a fuss, the only one who doesn’t accept emotions shouted,” said Aep when contacted today.

Aep said the victim had made a police report and carried out a post mortem. As a result of the actions of the perpetrator, the victim suffered bruises on his face.

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“Already post mortem, already made a report. We are still investigating. The victim was sitting at the steering wheel, so he was punched on the right. Bruises,” he said.

The police, said Aep, had investigated the police number of the perpetrator’s vehicle. However, the result is that the police number is not listed. The police are currently still investigating the case, including hunting down the perpetrators.

“We conducted an investigation from the number of the police, it turned out that the number was not registered with the Polda. (The perpetrator) used a person’s number, which was registered with the Polda for another type of car. We are carrying out investigative efforts,” said Aep.

“The point is, the police have followed up. The Kalideres Police have followed up, checked CCTV, examined witnesses at the location,” he added.

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