Berlin incidence value below 50: The corona countdown

Looking at the falling corona incidence values ​​in Berlin makes you happy – especially since you can contribute to it yourself.

Cut off a little further every day from the corona incidence value tape measure Photo: dpa

We’re under! Among the magical 50, for the first time since October 8, when Berliners were no longer allowed to vacation in Brandenburg and elsewhere because they were above this corona incidence value. For the second day in a row, the Robert Koch Institute recorded an incidence value of 48 for Berlin on Thursday, i.e. 48 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.

Does that make the lockdown agreed until March 7th shorter? No. But it still helps. I’ve always liked following the table standings and was happy about the training plans for the competition that were constantly being processed. I yelled “Hurray” in front of the CNN screen for every tenth of a percentage point that Joe Biden caught up in Georgia and Pennsylvania on the nights after November 4th.

Of course, that didn’t actually change anything: I couldn’t have switched on the computer until three days later and then had John King, Wolf Blitzer and Co report the official final result.

But that would have robbed me of the increasing joy that Trump, who had already declared himself the winner, might not win after all.

And so it is now with the corona values. It was a real feeling of happiness to see Berlin at the top of the low-value ranking of the federal states a week ago – and the current “48” still mean third place in the table of 16.

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Little joys

These are small joys, and so I will continue to count down to the even more magical value of 35, with which retail, museums and galleries will be able to relax from March 7th – as the Prime Minister has agreed with the Chancellor to have.

It must have been a bit like that with the colleagues who, in gray, but corona-free times, did their often too boring basic military service in the armed forces: For the last 100 days – some remember 150 – there was a tape measure to always be carried with you, from who had to cut an inch snippet every day. This is supposed to have made the last few months more bearable, because the longed-for end is visibly drawing closer.

The relevant internet pages – des RKI or the Berlin Corona traffic lightthat shows slightly higher values ​​- to the digital form of this leftover tape measure, and looking at it even encourages you to do even more yourself so that the values ​​go down even faster.

This clearly distinguishes the situation from the post-election nights in November: There was only joy and hope, but no personal action possible, because the votes in the USA had long been cast and only had to be counted.

With the incidence values, however, anyone can do what a Hertha fan would dearly wish for in Bundesliga football: namely to actively help to keep Berlin ahead in the lowest-value table.


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