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Beirut New Year’s Eve 2024: A Night of Music, Hope, and Dreams

There is nothing more beautiful than celebrating a new hope, the hope of continuity and not surrendering to difficulties and pitfalls, persevering in achieving successes at all levels, and contributing to spreading the joy of the distinctive music that the masses love, especially from the heart of Beirut, the capital that never dies. The stars Nassif Zaytoun, Rahma Riad, Lynn Hayek, Melhem Zein, Guy Manoukian and Carlos Hakri celebrated New Year’s Eve under the management and supervision of FA Production at the Forum de Beirut.

Lynn Hayek appeared again and caught attention with her wonderful appearance and promising performance, as she returned for the second year in a row to shine in this major event on New Year’s Eve alongside major stars. Lynn Hayek is excitedly awaiting 2024. It will be a year full of new activities and releases that she promises her fans.

As for Rahma Riyad, she added a dreamy elegance with her deep feeling and captured the breath with a performance full of romance and emotions… This event is her first after announcing her pregnancy, which adds an impressive and special dimension to the ceremony. Rahma looks forward to continuing her artistic career without stopping in 2024, continuing her success and influence in the hearts of her fans.

Last but not least, Nassif Zeytoun shines as usual. He gave an exceptional performance with songs from his latest album in addition to his most famous songs that the audience loved. Nassif begins the year 2024 with renewed energy and many surprises after his success as a producer also with T-sart in 2023, which promises more creativity and unique musical experiences.

Thus, “Music Is My Life” promises to continue its journey by presenting and highlighting stars from the Arab world with all study and love for music. What might it have in store in 2024?

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