Being lazy in the kitchen involves serious dangers to our health, here are what

Laziness in housekeeping catches us especially in winter, when the days are shorter and we tire more easily. But not all operations can be postponed to the next day or week

There are some in the kitchen that cannot wait, because they cause serious dangers to our safety. Being lazy in the kitchen carries serious health dangers. Here are those with the help of the Bag Projection Experts.

Cleaning the kitchen hood

Cleaning the kitchen hood is always a boring or tiring operation. We have to turn on the radio or TV to distract ourselves as we vigorously rub corners and sticky surfaces.

Sometimes we need to get help from someone, so as not to waste an hour of time going up and down a ladder. Sometimes we realize that we have also used the wrong detergents, because we see it losing its shine or attacked by rust.

But we must not postpone this operation. Periodic cleaning is essential, because, if we love the fried foods, oil splashes could turn into solidified fat. At the first flame that rises from the stove, oil and fat deposited on the hood can ignite and set our hair on fire.

Use the right products

To clean the hood externally, do not use detergents, acids or alcohol, as they could damage it. Better water and Marseille soap or a drop of shampoo for oily hair.

Before starting, boil the largest pot you have on the stove with a handful of bicarbonate and dip into the grill of the oven hood. After a few minutes of boiling, it will shine again, without forcing us to rub it even for a minute.

Washing the cutting board

After using the wooden or plastic cutting board to clean the fish or the meat, don’t forget to wash it well with a sponge and neutral soap. A simple rinse may not really be accurate.

Any residues from these operations are really dangerous. The bacteria present in the guts of fish and birds, in particular, can cause very unpleasant illness and intoxication.

Being lazy in the kitchen carries serious health dangers, here are what

The pressure cooker easy to wash in the dishwasher. But the valve is best washed by hand. Because it could be clogged with food from the last cooking. The legume skins of a soup, for example.

If we don’t wash the valve properly, the pressure cooker can turn out to be a kind of cooking bomb.

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