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Before the intense heat in the city, pool time

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to enjoy summer in New York, at the beach, pool, or park, the next seven days will give you that opportunity.

The mercury will be above 90 degrees on Tuesday, higher on Wednesday, slightly lower on Thursday and higher again over the weekend.

Of course, high temperatures and humidity can also be dangerous.


The city says it has opened dozens of places to cool off in each of the five boroughs, starting at 9 a.m.

Katia Minaya works out regularly at Fort Tryon Park in Hudson Heights, Manhattan. She thinks for a few days to change her routine.

“It would have to be changed because there is no other. Because we’re not going to get so worked up. Softer,” Minaya said.

The elderly, children, and pets are the most vulnerable.

Ángelo Lora has a four month old Tosa Mixto dog. He says that he has to take it out up to five times a day.

“I have a tank here, which is all prepared, if he has to go to the bathroom and a little water directly for him,” said Lora.

Keep in mind that despite going outdoors, access to clean water can be difficult.

“I try to have it all because there are not so many fountains in the park, specifically when we are entering the place with the dogs,” added Lora.

And to avoid dangerous heat wave exhaustion, the best recommendation is always to drink plenty of water.

Keep in mind that despite going outdoors, access to drinking water can be difficult.

Some of the symptoms are: extremely hot, red and dry skin; fast and little breathing; body temperature above 105 degrees Fahrenheit and confusion or loss of consciousness.

“But of course I always like to exercise, I don’t stop coming,” said a neighbor.

The change is abrupt as we went from a Monday of storms and floods, to a heat warning that could reach 100 degrees.

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