“Badr bin Saud” comments on attacking a Kuwaiti after praising the activities of Riyadh … and reveals a surprise about the truth about accounts bearing Saudi names

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Dr. Badr bin Saud, commented on the circulating clip of a Kuwaiti citizen confirming that he had not seen the offensive behavior that was filmed and transmitted in the Kingdom on social media.


Badr bin Saud said, in his article entitled “Liars”, published in the newspaper “Okaz”: “A few days ago, a video clip was circulated of a Kuwaiti citizen revealing the reality of life in the Kingdom, and confirming that he had not seen the abusive behavior that was filmed and transmitted on social media. In reference to what was broadcast, in a previous period, by the British channels France 24 and (BBC), and he recorded his admiration for the organization and events, especially his observations in Riyadh and in Diriyah, and despite his transmission of the truth known to everyone who visited these places, a campaign was launched to attack and deny him, and from anonymous accounts It bears Saudi names, and to the extent that he is accused of his guilt and that he may profit from his words, and what happened reveals an organized electronic effort to distort the national achievements, and the insistence on creating a state of chaos that only exists in the minds of its owners, and most of those reside outside the borders and work for others.

bogus article

He pointed out: “The Misbar Index for Fake News confirmed this in its statistics for the year 2022, as it indicated that the Kingdom came in eighth place, equal with Iraq, with a total of 120 false or misleading articles on social media. The fabrications about fabricated celebrations were among these materials, and the top seven in The list is Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Qatar, and Palestine, along with Russia and Ukraine.”

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Damaged machinery

And he continued: “Perhaps in the past what explains the confusion that some people fall into, although it does not absolve them of responsibility and the penalties and fines that come with it in Saudi lands, and the psychology of false news depends on two things, the first is the importance of the subject or event, and the second is the degree of ambiguity and excitement in its details.” Among the local examples, sewing machines that were said to contain red mercury in 2009, and the consequent sale of damaged machines at a value of no less than eight thousand dollars,” noting: “in addition to negative biases against cases and people, and its role in making lies more credible And interaction, and then leave the task to smart software and algorithms to highlight it in search preferences.For this reason alone, a study by the American Massachusetts Institute in 2018 confirmed that fake news, in its various forms, is more widespread on social media than real news, by more than 70%.

High fines

And he continued: “In my opinion, the program (Unique Experience) on the Saudi (SBC) station deserves to be served better, because it provides rich and short material that shows the point of view of foreigners in Saudi society in a spontaneous manner, and it contains sufficient responses for those who try to distort the facts, and perhaps the Kingdom has seen And the Arab Gulf states or the Arab League conclude a legal partnership with the European Union, specifically in its information security law, which determines high fines for social media companies, which may reach 6% of the global turnover of each company, unless it addresses deep falsification, fake accounts and advertisements. Misleading and ideological on its platforms.

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