Backbiting and backbiting are among the greater and more serious sins than mixing with women and looking at them • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The bearded old man’s face is a “sermon” link to those who criticized his repeated appearances in a broadcast with women.

And he added, denouncing his attack by one of his followers, saying: “Whoever opens the transmission, salvation, becomes a malicious “Serbot” and an unfair criminal. Let’s go out with this and go pray, referring to the girl who appeared with him.

And he continued: Now you are cutting the skin of your Muslim brother, and we are all sinners, but you are more severe because you insult and bite us.

And he continued: Dating on Tik Tok might be a “sin”, but the one that reaches the greater degree with the legal sentence of backbiting, gossiping, contempt for people, slandering them and talking behind their backs is a serious sin.

It is worth noting that the bearded old man was criticized by followers, which prompted him to go out and reply while appearing on a broadcast with a Moroccan girl.

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