Azriel Hermansyah’s Birthday, Speech from Raul Lemos Becomes a Spotlight

Jakarta, Insertlive

Azriel Hermansyah even 21 years old on Sunday (27/6) yesterday.

On that special day, Azriel also received greetings and prayers from his parents, relatives, and fans.

The biological mother, Krisdayanti, is no exception. Via uploads on Instagram, Krisdayanti uploaded a photo of her togetherness with Azriel and Raul Lemos.

Happy 21st birthday @azriel_hermansyah at the age where you enter a much more difficult stage of life, namely the stage of maturity. May Allah the Almighty glorify you with intelligence and knowledge that will benefit the world and the hereafter, son.” wrote Krisdayanti.


That upload too get comments soon from Raul Lemos who is currently still in Timor Leste.

Dear Ziel, Happy Birthday. May the days ahead you be filled with prosperity, great health, and above all joy in its truest,” kata Raul Lemos.

Azriel too welcome greetings and prayers from the mother and father connected.

Amen.. thank you mii and uncle @krisdayantilemos,” replied Azriel Hermansyah.

with my son,” Krisdayanti replied.

The cool relationship of Krisdayanti, Raul Lemos, and Azriel also made netizens feel relieved after some time ago they had been arguing and sarcastic each other on social media.

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