Assoc. Prof. Alexander Oscar drained BGN 178 thousand from the Health Insurance Fund

Dr. Alexander Oscar

An inspection found that the ophthalmologist from “Alexandrovska” reported 3,000 false documents for examinations. He appealed

An ophthalmologist from Alexandrovska Hospital, Assoc. Prof. Alexander Oscar, drained hundreds of thousands of levs from the National Health Insurance Fund, reporting false documents for fictitious examinations, hospitalizations and manipulations.

This was established by an inspection of the capital’s health insurance fund in August, reported, specifying that their news was confirmed by the fund’s press center. At the moment, Assoc. Prof. Oscar is appealing against the sentence imposed on him – to return BGN 178,000 and no longer to work with the NHIF and not to perform outpatient activities.

According to information from “24 Chasa”, after the arbitration procedure has been launched, an internal commission is reviewing the documents again and will issue a final opinion at the beginning of next week.

“The arbitration will decide not whether Assoc. Prof. Oscar has committed the already established frauds, but whether the punishment from the fund is commensurate with the sanction,” claims.

“24 Hours” asked Assoc. Prof. Oscar for comment, but he did not answer the calls.

Assoc. Prof. Oscar, who is also chairman of the Society of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”, became famous not for his medical skills, although he is doctor of the year for 2020, but because of the scandal that got him involved in Alexandrovska Hospital, Scanner writes. news.

And they remind that as soon as the former director of the medical institution Prof. Kostadin Angelov was no longer Minister of Health, the ophthalmologist – at that time a member of the board of directors, launched a campaign against him and the entire management of the hospital. None of his allegations were proven by the prosecutor’s office, the internal audit of the Ministry of Health and PFIA, but his “muddy” attack on Prof. Angelov and Prof. Boris Bogov was the reason for the latter to be fired by the acting Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

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The head of the Alexandrovska polyclinic, Dr. Chavdar Elenkov, was also involved in the affair with the fake reports for examinations and alleged hospitalizations. He was also fined. At the moment, both are in the team of the new director Dr. Atanas Atanasov, as Assoc. Prof. Oscar failed to win the competition to be a member of the board again and was appointed advisor to the director, continues to manage the Eye Clinic at the hospital.


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