As of October 27, 64,087 new positive corona tests reported

Foto: CC0 Pete Linforth via Pixabay

Last week, 64,087 (a week earlier 67,542) new persons were reported who tested positive for COVID-19.

In the past week 1966 (a week earlier 1739) patients were reported by the Municipal Health Services who were or have been hospitalized for COVID-19. The ICs admitted 321 patients in the past week, 12 more than a week earlier. In the past week, 435 (a week earlier 329) laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patients have been reported as dead.

At week 44, the results of 292,613 people tested became known: 48,495 tested positive for COVID-19. A week earlier, of the 321,379 received results, 59,091 were positive. The percentage of positive tests at a national level decreased from week 43 to week 44 from 18.4% to 16.6%.

Not all patients reported in the past week tested positive, hospitalized, or died in the past week. Some patients are reported later. That is why the data from past weeks is sometimes supplemented. Because there is a good chance that not all people with COVID-19 will be tested, the actual numbers in the Netherlands are probably higher than the numbers mentioned here. The numbers of the previous and the current week may change due to later test results.


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