As if not satisfied with the toys in Asia, China is now desperate to go to South America to steal giant fish and squid, 300 Chinese ships have been caught circling to make Chile on tight alert

Reuters via VOA

300 Chinese ships steal fish to South America

Gridhot.ID – China indeed it is known that they often roam here and there in the waters of neighboring countries, especially in Asia.

But who would have thought, now China perform crazy maneuvers by stealing reckless fish up to South America.

Government Chili immediately paid full attention to the presence of the fleet ship catcher fish along the Pacific waters around South America.

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Chilean Foreign Minister Andres Allamand, on Thursday (8/10) said the Chilean Ministry of Defense and Navy was monitoring Chinese vessels to protect the sovereignty of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

“Their (Chinese) fleet consists of about 300 ships that cross the Pacific Ocean, often arriving in the vicinity of Peru,” Allamand said as quoted by Reuters.

The ships, he said, caught giant squid near the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Chili said that officials Chili has not made contact with the government China. He said shipship who came also included ship private and some, perhaps, state owned.

Last month, there were hundreds ship catcher fish China had angered the domestic fishing industry in Peru, and even triggered a Twitter war between the US government and China.

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