Experts Research Metal-Eating Bacteria, Can Clean Waste

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The starving microorganism capable of surviving the extreme conditions has managed to “explode” the spikes in just three days. One of the scientists from Chile, Nadac Reales is conducting a series of tests on these “metal-eating” bacteria in his laboratory in Antofagasta, north of the city of Santiago. In the trial, […]

Argentina with Di Maria and Paredes but without Ocampos at the Copa America

Three days before his team’s entry into the Copa America competition on Monday, against Chile (11 p.m.), Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni finalized on Friday a list of 28 players in which Lucas Ocampos (26, 8 selections), yet regularly holder since his first steps with the Albiceleste in October 2019. Juan Foyth, who has just won […]

‘Flying Dragon’ Fossil Found Preserved In Rock In Chile

Live Science Fossils similar to those found in the desert. The Rhamphorhynchoid was a small pterosaur with a long tail and a full-toothed beak.—Scientists have identified the remains fossil winged lizards excavated in the Atacama Desert, Chili as “Dragon fly”—the very first of its kind ever found in the Southern Hemisphere. Pterosaurs, which flew […]

Lucas Paqueta (OL), the good surprise of Brazil at the Copa America

If the Cariocas have never been as cold as they are now, some have been able to warm up seeing the sparkling performance of one of the best ambassadors of the region: Lucas Paqueta. The Lyon midfielder, born 23 years ago on the island of Paqueta, in Guanabara Bay north of Rio, yesterday gave the […]

Brazil struggles to rule out Chile to advance to Copa America semi-finals

This quarter-final between Brazil and Chile, the last two Copa America winners, looked like a very big meeting. If the meeting was rather padlocked, the suspense remained intact until the last second. La Seleçao got off to the best start by obtaining several hot situations. But neither Firmino, launched by Neymar (22nd), nor the PSG […]

Brazilian Federation prosecuted for homophobia

As Brazil prepares to face Chile in the quarter-finals of the Copa America, the Brazilian Federation (CFB) is being prosecuted for homophobia. The association for the defense of LGBT rights has lodged a complaint against the CFB, accusing it of the lack of jersey 24 within the selection, while the number 24 is often associated […]