In anticipation of his fiftieth anniversary, Daile Theater actor Artis Robežnieks invites to a concert portrait with Frici Bārda “Waiting for the Anniversary of Artis Robežnieks”.

The concerts will take place in an intimate atmosphere in the Summer Garden of the Daile Theater, and in them the actor will walk in the poetry of Friča Bārda from the very childhood to the present day, and will open and chant the deepest strings of his soul.

The events are planned for only two evenings, on August 12 and 13, and will feature songs composed by the actor himself and melodies written by other well-known composers – from Raimonds Pauls to Armands Alksnis and the ensemble “Manta”. The anniversary will be shown on the stage together with the head of the musical department of Daile Theater, composer Juris Vaivodas.

Artis Robežnieks is one of the actors of the legendary Daugavpils Theater course led by Peter Krilov. In 1996, he became an actor at the Daile Theater, and since then he has played more than eighty roles. Romantic heroes, complex dramatic characters, comic and tragicomic types – all have acting warmth and masculinity. Artis Robežnieks has played a lot of different comic characters, demonstrating a good sense of humor and the ability to connect psychological truth with the grotesque. Both his vocal talents and his not-so-common ability to be emotional on stage are special.