Arriving at the Arjuna Wiwaha Horse Statue, the BEM SI Mass immediately prayed Dzuhur

JAKARTA, – Some of the demonstrators from the Indonesian Student Executive Board ( WELL SI) began to gather near Arjuna Wiwaha Horse Statue on Tuesday (20/10/2020) at 12.05 WIB.

The masses of demonstrators have done long march from the University of Indonesia Salemba.

Monitoring, the masses arrived wearing alma mater suits from various campuses.

There is also a car pickup ridden by the masses.

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At 12.10 WIB, the masses performed dzuhur prayer, while waiting for the arrival of another group of masses.

It was stated that the action would resume at 12.30 WIB.

Previously, at 09.10 WIB, the Arjuna Wiwaha Horse Statue was packed with masses from HMI.

However, after the oration, the masses immediately left the location of the action.

Together with that, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat to the State Palace or vice versa has been blockaded by the police using barbed wire.

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For information, today a number of elements have returned to staging a demonstration against them all Law Work Creation Law in Jakarta.

Apart from students, labor elements were also involved in the action which coincided with one year of Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin’s tenure.

Previously, similar demonstrations were held in Jakarta twice, namely on Thursday (8/10/2020) and Tuesday (13/10/2020).

Both demonstrations were colored by chaos. The protesters clashed with the police.


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