Army Chief of Staff Answered Prabowo’s wishes about the Swab Test for TNI Soldiers


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General You are mighty respond to the request of the Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto related to mass swab tests for TNI soldiers to prevent corona virus.

This was in response to the findings of 1262 Covid-19 cases in the Army Prospective Officers’ School environment (Secapa TNI AD) and 99 cases in the Army Military Education Center (Pusdikpom) in Cimahi.

“The desire of the Minister of Defense is very good, but what is clear is that swabs are needed a lot, in addition to the availability of swab test equipment, as well as where the lab is,” Andika said when giving a press statement at Siliwangi Military Command Headquarters, Bandung, Saturday (11/7).

“We are very happy because checking the swab is more accurate than the rapid test,” he added.

Prabowo’s wish regarding the mass test for TNI soldiers was conveyed by Spokesperson for the Defense Minister for Public Communication and Inter-Media Relations, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak.

“Regarding this matter, Pak Prabowo has requested that there be indeed a mass swab test for all TNI Soldiers,” Dahnil said when contacted., Friday (10/7).

Prabowo assessed that mass tests need to be carried out so that the spread of the corona virus can be traced within the TNI. In addition, many TNI soldiers were directly involved in handling Covid-19 in a number of places.

Medical personnel prepare swab test samples at the Banjarmasin City Health Office Laboratory Page, South Kalimantan, Tuesday (9/6/2020). (BETWEEN PHOTOS / BAYU PRATAMA S.)

The swab test, said Dahnil, had been carried out several times to TNI soldiers. However, to be more controlled and the results are optimal, Prabowo requested that the tests be carried out on an ongoing basis.

“Several times have been carried out in several units and units, he asked to be done in a sustainable and broader manner,” he said.

The military education environment is a new cluster of corona virus spread. Two of them are the Army Candidate Officer School (Secapa TNI AD), Bandung and the Army Military Police Education Center (Pusdikpom) in Cimahi, West Java.

In Secapa TNI AD, there were 1,262 people who tested positive for the corona virus on Thursday (9/7). While in the Army Pusdikpom is still unknown. The news circulating there are 99 people who are positive infected.

Andika said that he was evaluating the corona virus transmission in the two educational institutions. He said his party could not specifically say what was the initial cause of virus transmission in the two institutions.

“This is a lesson for us, we have conducted evaluations, often spraying disinfectants. That is one of our ways, even though we cannot guarantee it,” he said.


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