Several services now have direct entry to the Citizen’s Store


The Loja do Cidadão da Madeira already has several services with direct access to the counters, without users having to wait in line and speeding up the service in that space.

According to a note sent by the vice presidency to the newsrooms, these services are NOS Madeira; Madeira Electricity Company; Funchal City Hall – Waters; Education; Housing Investments in Madeira (HMI – Housing); Altice – Meo; Driving licenses; Regional Directorate of Labor and Inspective Action; Criminal record; Consumer defense; Passports; Tax Authority – Finance; and Madeira Waters and Waste – ARM – Waters.

Thus, if the citizens who go to the store find a queue outside the Citizen’s Store, this does not mean that the service they want is congested or that they have no response capacity.

Before giving up or standing in line, make sure the desired service has direct entry or not. Inquire on the spot. If it is one of these services that we list, you will no longer have to queue outside.

However, it is no longer necessary to schedule appointments at the services of the Regional Directorate for the Administration of Justice, in particular for issues related to the Citizen Card, which may also be in person.

Without prejudice to the possibility of prior scheduling, which is given priority and which must be formalized by email or telephone, face-to-face service at the services of the Regional Directorate for Justice Administration (DRAJ) at Loja do Cidadão da Madeira from 00:00 onwards next July 13, it will be provided on a direct entry basis, and therefore without the need for prior appointment or scheduling.

The appointment or scheduling can be done by email, or by phone, Civil Identification Office (Citizen Card): 291 212 203, Certificates Office: 291 212 206 and Car Registration Support Office: 291 212 204.

With regard to face-to-face service at the Civil, Building, Commercial and Automobile Registry offices existing in all the municipalities of Madeira, prior appointment is mandatory for the practice of any act.

To book and schedule the services, the contacts, email or telephone, private of each conservatory, available on the page should be used, Justice Administration tab.

The vice-presidency also informs that, at this moment, the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) only provides face-to-face assistance by prior appointment, by email via or by telephone: 808 202 653, or mobile phone: 808 962 690.

Remember that Loja do Cidadão has resumed its normal service hours, from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 7:30 pm and, on Saturdays, between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm, and that the recommendation is also maintained to users to privilege the use of digital platforms to access public services, either for the direct resolution of requests, or for scheduling services, whenever possible.

There are guidelines that remain:

The entrance of users will be controlled and conditioned, in order to guarantee that the number of people inside the facilities, complies with the determinations of the health authorities.

Users who have to stand in line outside the Loja do Cidadão da Madeira space must respect the two-meter spacing and the guidelines given by the support team.

Priority appointments and appointments will be safeguarded, and people who find themselves in one of these situations should go to the access door of the Loja do Cidadão da Madeira to transmit this information to the service officer.

It is mandatory to wear a protective, surgical or social mask inside the premises by the users and all employees of the entities that provide services at the Citizen’s Store in Madeira, during the entire period of stay in that space.

Inside the Madeira Citizen’s Shop, users must:

Ensure hand hygiene in the device placed at the entrance of the Citizen’s Store in Madeira; Adopt respiratory etiquette measures; Respect the social distancing signal marks;

The same information note ends with a warning that anyone who does not comply with the defined access rules will be refused entry to the Citizen’s Store.

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