Chelsea, Lampard: “Jorginho plays little but is still part of my plans” | News


Three consecutive games on the bench, the last one on the field for a handful of minutes, the feeling that its centrality in the Chelsea has failed. We are talking about Jorginho, midfielder who Often rivorbbe much with him to give him the keys to the midfield of Juve and that instead Lampard, who has him employed, has “seen” much less lately. Sensation that the Blues technician himself wanted to drive away at the press conference, specifying that “if a player stays out for a few games, it doesn’t mean he’s no longer in my plans. “

Fixed holder before the lockdown, Jorginho was used very little since the second half and this has fueled the rumors of a possible sale at the end of the season: “There are always players who are perhaps unhappy or who at certain times remain out and it is the case for now to Jorginho. He has been fundamental this season, on and off the pitch, and that hasn’t changed, I’m very happy with him. ”

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