Armed Forces of Ukraine hit “Pantsir-S1” on Zmeinoye and destroyed a lot of Russian equipment in the south – UNIAN

Our rocket and artillery units completed about 150 fire missions.

In the Black Sea, the defenders of Ukraine continue the operation on Zmein island, there they managed to hit another Pantsir-C1 cannon-missile system. In addition, our military eliminated 40 invaders and destroyed a lot of Russian equipment in the south.

This was reported in a new summary of the Pivden Operational Command in Facebook.

Over the past day, the occupiers fired missiles at the Odessa region. The Russian Federation used aviation and the Bastion coastal missile system, it attacked them from the direction of the temporarily occupied Crimea. The defenders of Ukraine destroyed one rocket, 5 more hit the Black Sea coast in Izmailsky. The Pivden OK emphasized that casualties and damages were avoided due to the restriction of the use of the coastal strip.

“In the Black Sea, the operation continues on the island (Snake – UNIAN), there is already confirmation of the defeat of another anti-aircraft gun-missile complex” Pantsir – C1 “,” the operational command said.

In addition, our aviation successfully worked out 7 air strikes by attack aircraft and helicopters against command and observation posts, several concentrations of enemy forces and equipment, and two ammunition depots along the front line.

“Our missile and artillery units completed about 150 fire missions. Thanks to this, the Russian army lost more than 4 dozen rashists, 2 Msta-B howitzers and a self-propelled Msta-S, 3 units of armored and automotive equipment, as well as a field fuel depot -lubricants. The final results are being reconnoitered,” they told about the new losses of the enemy in the Pivden OK.

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Earlier, UNIAN has already reported that the occupiers are trying to intimidate Ukraine with a possible landing from the Black Sea.

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