Colomiers. Amateur rugby: the Saudrune club receives €1,500

And the lucky winner is La Saudrune. The West Toulouse club bringing together the towns of Seysses, Frouzins, Cugnaux and Villeneuve-Tolosane was presented with a check for €1,500 on Monday. Gathered in the Colomiers rugby clubhouse, club leaders and Pierre Bouisset of the MPVI Nord company honored the Cœur de Colomiers operation.

Last April, as for 5 years, a big raffle bringing together the partners of the dove club designated the winner the repair and sales company affiliated with Renault Trucks. Present on the jersey of team 1 next to the coat of arms during the last match of the season, the company also had the task of designating an amateur club to which to donate a sum for charity. “I’m not necessarily close to amateur rugby but in talking with the leaders of Colomiers I noticed that there were links with La Saudrune and so I said to myself why not”, smiles Pierre Bouisset happy to hand over the check .

Just as happy as the representative of the winning company, Olivier Sahuqué, the president of the club concerned. “It’s a great boost for us, we are lucky to have a circle of active partners spread over a dynamic territory, but it’s always rewarding”, compliments and thanks the leader of Saudrune.

“We have links with Colomiers whether through team 1 or young people”, he wishes to recall, the former columérin hooker Benjamin Rioux having trained the pennant group for four years and currently deputy mayor. “This sum will go to the school of rugby”, assures Olivier Sahuqué confirming that La Saudrune and amateur rugby are also the big winners of the Colomiers heart operation.

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