are we watching or zapping season 1?


Attention, the following article contains (light) spoilers on season 1 of the Snowpiercer series broadcast by Netflix. If you are not up to date, we advise you to start by watching the trailer.

With Snowpiercer, Netflix tackled a cultural work. An XXL work on the side of the comic strip (Le Transperceneige) adapted by Bong Joon-ho, in 2013, in a partly successful film, which had left a part of the public hungry. In mid-season, on Presse-Citron, it was estimated that the series was already doing better than the film, at least for some aspects. After watching the last episode, what about it?

Snowpiercer, the promises of a season 2

Visually, the Snowpiercer series will have been very impressive. The outdoor scenes alternate between striking majesty and point of view. Inside the train, the feeling of permanent in camera, this tension, released simply by the space that is still missing is perfectly felt.

On the casting side, we always appreciate the very good performance of the two main actors, Daveed Diggs (Andre Layton) and Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) who engage throughout a story a mano-à-mano, which we guess already the outcome, but which manages to surprise us with its adventures.

If the scenario had excited us in the first episodes, the strengths that we imagined, and in particular the schism between the first class and the others seem in the end to have been underused. There was a way to do better and go further, that was what the format of the series allowed.

Finally, even if we felt it coming, the outcome of this season, if it may seem intriguing and even exciting at first, turns out to be sadly agreed. No, the Snowpiercer will not have succeeded in completely separating from the Wilford myth. Hopefully, season 2 really builds on the strengths to make us want to continue the journey…

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