Archery against breast cancer

One of the most common sequelae of people who have suffered a breast cancer and they had to be operated on is lymphedema, which obstructs the lymphatic system for the removal of the breast and lymph nodes in the armpits and manifests itself in the form of swelling in the arm.

And to fight it and improve in these respects, six years ago in Madrid people who had suffered from this disease began to be approached to archery, since with the vibrations of the bow and exercising the arm with it, they saw how it improved, eliminating fluid retention and increasing strength and agility.

This option came to León with Arco Lancia, who came to form a group in the morning and another in the afternoon which worked perfectly and made women participating in the sport passionate … but it was slowed down by the pandemic, suspending the activity because they too were vulnerable people. But now we are working to relaunch the project, with the idea of ​​forming another group that will come to the structures of the CHF to discover this discipline, without it being necessary to have practiced it before or to have any knowledge.

“He is given the material according to his needs and what he can do, it is a school format and if he likes it, they continue” “They are trained like a normal archer, but they are explained the benefits that archery will have in their case and it is done in a school format, they are given the material according to what they can do and their needs, and if they consider it they like it and it is good that they continue “, explains Raquel Fernández, monitor and coach of the Lancia Club, who tells how” they are guided in instinctive shooting and benefit from the vibrations of the ropes, it helps to correct the posture of the back, since you have to be very focused, it also serves to evade your problems, It connects people who are going through a similar situation and furthermore, even if this activity is done with a group, they can then acquire a bow and continue doing it as and when they want.

And it is that, one of the aspects that makes them improve especially in the aforementioned lymphedema, is the fact that “they have to grab the arch with the arm that has suffered the most and the vibrations that the arch has stimulate the drainage, I am encouraged to raise arms and to work the upper part of the body a little “; but in the recovery from this disease, the mental aspect also has a great influence and it is also fundamental there, because “Archery makes you put aside all those things in your head and that weigh you down “.

“The vibrations that the arch has stimulate drainage, the upper body is heavily worked” One of the people who was part of the groups, therefore experiencing it in first person but also being important part of your promotion to advertise it during its participation with the ‘Arqueras de Babia’ in the ‘Boom!’ television competition, was Julia Cubillas, also a member of Arco Lancia, who tries to bring this project also in that area of ​​Babia for those who live there .

She is clear “Greatly improves arm, back, shoulder mobility … But it also socializes a lot, that many women with radical vasectomy sometimes end up staying at home or being ashamed of their body, and with these groups where we have all been through, it improves a lot, in fact with the group that we formed have started to stay also later out of training before the pandemic stopped everything ».

Julia, participant: “It greatly improves the arm, the back, the mobility of the shoulder … and also socializes a lot” He also points out that “it fits what you need, whether you are right or left handed, you need bows of more or less power … you make an assessment of how you are and you are given all the facilities ».

An opportunity to discover archery. Physical and psychological therapy through sport.

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