Apple will complete the iPhone 14 series with a 120 Hz screen and 6 GB RAM

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Apple will launch the iPhone 14 series with a screen that has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 6 GB of RAM.

The latest news comes from a report by an analyst named Jeff Pu for Haitong International Securities.

Quoting GSM Arena, Saturday, both the Pro and non-Pro models will still have the same screen and memory usage.

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Unlike the previous generation of the iPhone 13 series, only two models have a better refresh rate than the non-Pro series.

In Jeff Pu’s previous report there was a possibility that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will increase their RAM size to 8GB but it seems that this is again being reviewed by Apple.

With that review, it looks like the iPhone 14 will keep the RAM with 6GB and increase the RAM on the non-Pro model.

The difference that makes the iPhone 14 Pro series superior to the non-Pro series is in terms of the camera and also the internal memory which is larger and capable.

In the Pro model, internal memory will be provided starting from 256 GB, while in the non-Pro model, the internal memory will start from 64 GB.

Finally, Apple has prepared a 48 MP camera for the main camera in the Pro model.

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Reporter: Livia Kristianti
Editor: Alviansyah Pasaribu


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