The price of Dogecoin is skyrocketing again, this is the reason – The value of a cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency) Dogecoin again shot on Friday, (14/1/2022). The cause is none other than the chirp Elon Musk in twitter.

CEO Tesla and SpaceX announced that Tesla will accept Dogecoin as a means of payment to purchase a number of products merchandise company.

Merchandise Tesla can be purchased using Dogecoin,” wrote the account @elonmusk.

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Shortly after the tweet was uploaded, the price of Dogecoin immediately shot up 15 percent, boosting the coin’s value to 0.20 US dollars (around Rp. 2,600) per chip from the previous around 0.16 US dollars.

The implementation of this new payment option has actually been announced by Musk since December 14, 2021.

After the news was announced, the price of Dogecoin immediately increased by around 23 percent.

“Tesla will allow some merchandise to be able to buy with doge and (we) will see how it goes,” Musk wrote via his personal Twitter account on December 14 last.

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Currently, some merchandise available on Tesla’s official website, it has been observed that it can be purchased using Dogecoin.

some of merchandise These include the Giga Texas Belt Buckle for 835 Dogecoin (US$ 156/Rp 2.2 million) and Cyberwhistle 300 (US$ 57/Rp 815,000) Dogecoin.

As assembled KompasTekno from The Guardian, Saturday (15/1/2022), Tesla also sold electric bicycles for children, namely Cyberquad for Kids at a price of 12,020 Dogecoins (2,368 US dollars / Rp. 33.8 million).

Elon Musk himself is indeed known as one of the figures who often have a big influence on the increase in the price of Dogecoin.

In February 2021, the man who is also dubbed the “Dogefather” had boosted the price of Dogecoin by up to 35 percent after uploading a tweet related to Dogecoin.

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