Miss Universe had to put on her hoodie to be allowed on board the plane! The airport staff found her outfit inappropriate

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olivia culpo in 2012 she won the title Miss Universe. The laureate of the competition likes to play mod±, willingly experimenting with different styles, but also cares about his comfort. Recently, however, she got into trouble because of the outfit. She was forced to put on her partner’s sweatshirt because the airport workers did not like the way she was dressed. The whole thing was publicized by the celebrity’s sister.

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Miss Universe had to cover the body at the airport

Culpo wore fashionable, tight-fitting short shorts – the so-called “cycling shorts”. For this she put crop topand on her back she threw it cardigan. However, the black set did not appeal to the airport employees. Miss Universe 2012 was called while waiting for a flight to Mexico. She was to be told by an American Airlines representative that she had to find a shirt if she wanted to board.

olivia culpoolivia culpo screen – InstaStories

Culpo wasn’t the only one in a short top, but she was only ordered to cover her body. The celebrity sister showed a woman in almost identical styling who could get on board without any complications – the passenger also wore matching pants, a short blouse that revealed a part of the belly, and a long cardigan.

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Celebrity partner Christian McCaffrey gave her his sweatshirt. In it, Culpo posed next to the passenger in “her” styling. The flight was delayed and the man felt a bit cold, but eventually all three of them managed to get there.

Do you think that airport employees will suffer any consequences for this behavior?


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