Apple Shares Skyrocket Ahead of the Launch of the Iphone 12

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Price stock Apple significant increase in trading Monday (12/10), United States time (US). The increase occurred ahead of the launch iPhone 12 which supports the super fast 5G network on Tuesday (13/10) at 10:00 PDT.

Apple is the top rated company on Wall Street. At the close of trading last Friday, Apple’s value reached US $ 2.03 billion. At around 15.50 GMT, the value of the shares rose 4.8 percent to US $ 122.59.

Analysts anticipate the company will introduce a number of variants of the iPhone 12, which will ship earlier than others as the pandemic disrupts the company’s supply chain.

A number of Apple’s rivals have already produced 5G phones. The US itself lags behind China in terms of developing a new generation of 5G networks.

Wedbush Securities calls the new iPhone models “Apple’s most important product cycle since the iPhone 6 in 2014,” and expects high demand for Chinese consumers to upgrade their phones.

“While the weak macro conditions and the corona will clearly suppress demand, we believe the growth drivers for the success of the iPhone 12 are not parallel,” said Wedbush Chief Executive Tim Cook.

For information, Apple confirmed the launch of its newest product on October 13, 2020 online. Although not specifically, Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 12 which was originally predicted to appear last month.

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