“Tomorrow’s Advantages and Disadvantages to be Compared with Disclosure Information: Featured Stocks and Stock News Announcement on March 17”

E-Infini From the multi-function chart of “Kabu-Tan” 【Good material】 ――――――――――――― ■ Gifu Landscaping [東証S] The dividend for this fiscal year has been revised upward by 5 yen. ■ Nitto Fuji Flour Milling [東証S]Selected as a borrowing stock by the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 20th. ■ Crosscat [東証P] This term’s ordinary income has been revised […]

Resurrection Bell Ringing by Rapidus, Super Buying “Hinomaru Semiconductor / 6 Selected Brands” | Special Feature-Stock Search News

Semiconductor-related stocks are likely to once again be a hot investment target in the stock market. The appearance of “Rapidus” strongly suggests the revival of Hinomaru semiconductors. ―The mass production scenario of “state-of-the-art semiconductors” that will start moving, the new stage where “domestic production” shines is a treasure trove of transformative stocks― The Tokyo stock […]

[Ryuichiro Kitahama’s stock foresight! ]─ Ride the spring breeze blowing in the Tokyo market!Investor’s gaze goes further !! | Market situation-stock search news

Stock Advisor Ryuichiro Kitahama “Riding the Spring Breeze Blowing in the Tokyo Market! ●Focus on improving profitability and rising power of stocks that turn around “A spring breeze blows in the Tokyo market.” Spring has already arrived in the Kanto region. Perhaps stimulated by this, the easterly wind (a spring breeze that blows from the […]

[Tomio Sugimura’s Short-term Market Observation]─Aiming for a double stock price, a super-low PBR stock with a rapid rise in performance! | Market conditions – stock search news

Economic commentator Tomio Sugimura “Super” low PBR stock with rapid performance improvement that can double the stock price! ●The Tokyo market is regaining its dynamism! Stock markets at home and abroad are in a state of “high prices”. The reason for this is that inflation will not come to an end and pressure to raise […]

[Ryuichiro Kitahama’s stock foresight! ]─Take advantage of supply and demand with strong earnings and unique small and medium-sized stocks! | Market conditions – stock search news

Stock Advisor Ryuichiro Kitahama “Taking advantage of supply and demand with strong earnings and unique small and medium-sized stocks!” ● The reason why the market does not rise is not “because overseas players sell”. Where did that momentum in January go? The Tokyo market in February continued to consolidate in a high price range just […]