Apple is deciding what to do next. Lack of components is hampering the production of iPads and MacBooks

The paper noted that manufacturing problems with iPads and MacBooks do not yet affect the availability of these products to consumers. According to sources, the production of iPads is hampered by a lack of displays and display components, while the production of MacBooks is hampered by a lack of chips. So it’s only a matter of time before the unavailability of electronics with the delicious apple logo is felt by end customers.

Apple declined to comment on the information. However, many manufacturers of computers, smartphones and other electronics have recently faced problems with the global shortage of chips. And this also applies to electronics manufacturers for new cars.

MacBook Pro 13 (2020)

Photo: manufacturer’s archive

Problems will escalate

According to experts, Apple’s difficulties are a sign that the lack of chips is becoming more serious and could affect even smaller technology companies, which are in a weaker position in dealing with suppliers. Apple is known for its experience in supply chain management and the speed with which it can mobilize suppliers, writes Nikkei Asia.

“We really don’t see the end of this shortcoming ahead, and the situation could worsen before the end of the second quarter, as some smaller technology players could run out of key components,” said Wallace Gou, chief executive of Silicon Motion. Customers of this company include, for example, Samsung, Western Digital and Micron.

Samsung is also concerned about complications

Samsung, South Korea, the world‘s largest smartphone maker, recently confirmed that a shortage of chips could cause complications in the second quarter. He added that the teams of his employees are working hard to solve this problem.

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