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Apple Announces iOS 17.4 Update: Sideloading, CarPlay Upgrades & More

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Apple has recently announced on its official website that it will release the iOS 17.4 version update next month. According to foreign media《Macrumors》Five major update projects have been sorted out in advance. In addition to responding to the EU’s “Digital Market Law”, the sideloading function and NFC will be opened for the first time. The car system CarPlay will be the most popular upgrade for most users.

Sideloading and third-party applications are open (EU only)

What attracts the most attention is that in order to comply with EU regulations, Apple has confirmed that it will open third-party applications to the iPhone for the first time in iOS 17.4, and will allow sideloading, which means that just like Android phones, you can install applications from apk files without the need for Via the App Store. In addition, NFC payment will be opened to third-party applications. However, the above changes will only take effect in EU countries. Taiwanese fruit fans may not be affected by them in the short term, and it is unknown whether they will be opened in the future.

CarPlay adds eight new features

The update that Taiwanese users will appreciate may be the new CarPlay app.蘋果將新增八大功能,像是用於管理手機配對的「自動設定」、能夠啟動後視攝影機的「汽車攝影機」、顯示地動車電量與充電狀態的「充電」、會警告車門開關的「關閉」,還有可以即時查看行駛速度和能源效率的「行程」、控制廣播與音樂清單的「媒體」,以及可以控制車內空調溫度的「車內溫度」與附有爆胎警告的「胎壓”information.

Podcast automatically generates verbatim transcripts

Apple will provide automatically generated verbatim transcripts for Podcasts. Users can search by text and find the passage they want to listen to in an instant, similar to the lyrics function of Apple Music. Initially, it will only support English, French, German and Spanish. Later, it will support English, French, German and Spanish. More languages ​​will be gradually opened.

HomePod supports “simulcast sharing”

HomePod will be able to support Apple’s “simulcast sharing” function. Even if relatives and friends do not subscribe to Apple Music, users can share the music you are listening to remotely by sharing QR codes. They can play it through their HomePod and share music time together. .

(Picture taken from 9to5Mac)

Added 6 new emoji patterns

Apple is also introducing 6 new emojis for iOS 17.4, such as broken chains, phoenix in flames, horizontal shaking head, vertical shaking head, lime and mushroom.

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