Anti-Islam activist driven off road after Koran burning in Oslo

NOS Newstoday, 05:36

In Norway, an anti-Islam activist has run off the road after setting fire to a Quran, reports the public news channel NRK† It concerns Lars Thorsen, who set fire to a Koran in Mortensrud, a suburb of Oslo.

Images of the burning and the accident have been made and have been circulated on social media. It shows how Thorsen’s all-terrain vehicle is hit several times by another car, until it flies over.

Thorsen suffered minor injuries in the accident, as did other occupants of the car. The driver of the other car has been arrested on suspicion of deliberately hitting and causing serious injuries. Before the accident shows Thorsen setting fire to a Quran and arguing with bystanders trying to put out the fire.

Thorsen says he requested permission to hold an anti-Islam demonstration this weekend, but that it was banned by police because it could lead to disturbances.

The anti-Islam activist has set fire to Qurans more often in recent years, in his own words in protest against “the Islamization of Norway”. He became been convicted of hate speech.

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