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An update from Prince William after a long break – 2024-04-13 21:21:57

Prince William has been living a quiet life since Princess Catherine’s cancer diagnosis became public.

In the family of Prince William and Princess Catherine, the children are currently on vacation from school. William also broke his long silence on social media this week – the prince has not let himself be heard since Catherine’s cancer diagnosis became public.

William, who actively follows football, praised the England women’s national football team and the retiring star player in his publication Rachel Dalia.

– Thank you for so many unforgettable shows, William writes on the official Instagram account of Kensington Palace.

The post is signed with the letter W, which William uses when posting on his and Catherine’s shared social media accounts.

If the publication is not visible, you can view it from here.

The prince’s enthusiasm for football has been passed down to the children in the family. At least Princess Charlotte, 8, is known to be a soccer fan. Last August, father and daughter left their greetings and best wishes to the women’s national team. You can watch the video greeting here.

– Good luck on your journey, Lionesses, the princess wished.

The family has retreated to their own conditions, at least during the children’s vacation. The public has been told that the family is now adapting to their new situation with Catherine’s diagnosis, and the five were not seen at the traditional Easter expenses of the British court.

This is how the family was represented at the Christmas church last year. Chris Jackson/WPA/Shutterstock

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