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An American Indian girl receives a prize for discovering a possible treatment for Coronavirus

Anika Chiprolli, a 14-year-old American girl of Indian descent, was awarded the 2020 World Youth Challenge Award and a $ 25,000 prize for her discovery of a potential treatment for Coronavirus. COVID-19

According to the site Times Now News The girl developed an antiviral drug for the Coronavirus COVID-19 By studying protein mutations in the Coronavirus.

The site added, for the time being: There is no vaccine or specific antiviral drug that has been proven to prevent or treat the Corona virus COVID-19, Which has so far killed at least 11,148,836 people worldwide.

Along with the prize money, Chipoly has also been awarded Chebrolu Title of “America’s Best Young Scientist” for winning a competition M3 Young Scientist Challenge , A science competition for middle schools in the United States, the news agency reported IANS Her winning invention uses a method to help discover a molecule that can selectively bind to the spike protein of the Coronavirus.

The young scientist said that she participated in the competition because she was “always amazed by scientific experiments” since her childhood.

Anika, from Frisco, Texas, said she was also inspired to find potential cures for viruses, after learning about the 1918 influenza pandemic as well as learning about how many people die each year in the United States despite annual vaccinations and flu shots.

Chiprolli said that her goal at the beginning was to find an effective treatment for influenza after a severe bout of infection last year, however, she has changed directions to target the Corona virus due to the broad impact of the Corona epidemic Covid-19

She added that she would like to know more scientists to follow her drug development and with their help, she plans to conduct an in vitro and in vivo test of her main candidate for the drug..

She emphasized, “After spending a lot of time searching for epidemics and viruses and discovering drugs, and due to the tremendous danger of an epidemic, Corona Virus Covid-19 And the great impact it has had on the world in such a short time, I helped my teacher change directions to target the Coronavirus.

Anika, who hopes to become a medical researcher and professor in the next 15 years, is also training in the eponymous Indian classical dance.Bharatanatyam“When she is not in the laboratory or working towards her scientific goals.

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