After agreeing to use it … what we know about Pfizer and the vaccines

01:03 PM Wednesday 02 December 2020 Books – Sayed Metwally Britain announced its approval to use the “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccine against Covid 19, and it will be released for use next week. The British government said today, Wednesday: “The government today accepted the recommendation of the Independent Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to approve […]

Testing the drug “colchicine” for gout as a treatment for Corona virus in Britain

Scientists continue their attempts to find an effective treatment to counter the Corona virus attacks, according to a newspaper report TIME NOW NEWs The anti-inflammatory drug colchicine will be tested as a potential treatment for corona in one of the world’s largest trials in the latest effort to reuse existing drugs to fight the epidemic.. […]

Global Health issues new recommendations regarding treating Corona patients with remdesivir

Today, Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the anti-viral drug remdesivir should not be used to treat Corona patients, regardless of the severity of their disease because it “has no significant effect” on survival chances.. According to a report by TIME NOW NEWS, the WHO’s Guideline Development Group (GDG) of international experts, scratching […]

Arthritis drug helps Corona patients recover by 87%

A British study found that tocilizumab, a drug for treating arthritis, can help Coronavirus patients with severe problems recover, and the researchers found that patients who took the drug in a clinical trial led by Imperial College London were 87% more likely to be cured, as symptoms improved within 28 days compared to patients who […]