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Alta Verapaz Government announces the end-of-year security plan

The Departmental Government from Alta Verapaz reported that it has a security plan on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, as part of the prevention actions implemented by the Ministry of the Interior (Mingob).

Angela Alvarado Tení, departmental governor, explained that the first meeting has taken place with the members of the Departmental Security Board.

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“This is on the eve of the end-of-year holidays to reinforce security because we know that the payment of bonuses is coming. We call on the population so that they can make the corresponding complaints,” Tení explained.

The Interior Ministry’s plan also includes supervising compliance with regulations, ensuring that drivers carry the appropriate documentation, respect speed limits and do not drive under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

It is also verified that the pilots overload the collective transport units, thus contributing to preventing violations of the traffic law and reducing road mishaps.

In this regard, the governor called on Guatemalans to respect the rules and avoid any road accidents.

“We call for responsibility to avoid regrettable events. There are many accidents in which the victims are totally innocent and due to the irresponsibility of some driver,” he pointed out.

The Mingob has reinforced citizen security tours and motorized patrols in areas that are difficult to access and have the highest crime incidence in the country.

In addition, surveillance is prioritized in strategic places such as bank agencies, plazas, markets, ATMs, shopping centers and bus terminals, where people make their year-end purchases.

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