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All-round display: patent shows crazy future iPhone

Apple is apparently researching a spectacular iPhone that could make folding smartphones look old. A newly granted patent shows the glass miracle.

One thing shows that Apple is also working on devices with foldable displays recently granted US patent, But this is probably more of an iPad that can be folded up than a folding iPhone. The company apparently has completely different plans for smaller devices, like one brand new patent shows that “Apple insider“It describes an iPhone completely wrapped in glass, in which content, information and apps can be displayed on all six pages.

Many possibilities

According to the patent, such a device could have a single all-round display, but it is also possible that it only gives the appearance and that the glass housing is ultimately composed of six individual parts. Basically, there is still a main screen on the front of such an iPhone. Additional displays could be located under the transparent side surfaces and the back. According to the patent text, they should not only be used for display, but should also be additional input and control options with touch surfaces. In any case, such a device no longer has physical buttons.

The six pages should not only work separately from each other, apps or content can also be shown on two or more displays, icons could be movable across the different interfaces. Apple can also imagine a band-like user interface running around the entire device.

The idea of ​​an iPhone with an all-round display is not new; the first patent drawings appeared in 2014 a similar concept showed, but without glass surfaces on the top and bottom. Since then, Apple has renewed the patent regularly, according to “AppleInsider” last in November 2019.

Not good enough yet

A new patent does not necessarily mean that such an iPhone could soon become a reality. In the past few months, however, a lot has happened with the flexible displays, everyday devices like that Galaxy Fold have come on the market. And Samsung has now with that Galaxy Z Flip also showed that not only plastic can be used in flexible displays, but also wafer-thin, flexible glass surfaces.

On the other hand, all folding devices are still very sensitive and certainly not waterproof. One can expect that Apple is not seriously considering a folding iPad or an iPhone with a wrap-around display, as long as such devices would be a step backwards in many other areas compared to the current iPhones and iPads. But you can dream of it.

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