Ali Akbar admits he controls the fan god account

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The son of Dadang Subur alias Dewa Kipas, Ali Akbar admits that he controls his father’s account Dewa_Kipas, which is used to compete on

However, Ali denied being involved in his father’s online chess game. He explained that it was only limited to an account.

“The accusation [ikut bermain] groundless.
Of all the allegations of Dewa_Kipas cheating, only that is the most absurd, “Ali Akbar told, Wednesday (24/3).

“I do control the account, but I do not control the game,” Ali added.

Ali also explained the reasons for the Dewa_Kipas account. According to Ali, he created the account because Dadang Subur was not good at playing technology.

“I’m really blind to technology if I don’t teach first. I created the Dewa_Kipas account, I named it, I set the game. Then when I started the match, I gave the cellphone to Mr. Dadang to play,” said Ali. .

However, Ali Akbar then confirmed that the game Dewa_Kipas account in online chess was purely controlled by Dadang Subur.

“All online games on are purely played by Mr. Dadang. I was only fiddling with the menu to find out if had any features, because my father couldn’t access it if I wasn’t the one who taught it first,” said Ali.

After Dadang Subur’s defeat to Women Grandmaster Irene Kharisma Sukandar, netizens started attacking Ali Akbar. A number of accusations were addressed to Dadang’s son, ranging from holding the Kipas Dewa account, to seeking profit through fame.

Warganet with the @iksan_yudi account is the one who assumes that Ali Akbar plays the Dewa_Kipas account.

“Pak Dadang doesn’t normally say 10 minutes, but in fact the GP of the Dewa Kipas account is averaging 10 minutes.” So who is playing Fan God? ”Yudi wrote.

“I suspected that Ali Akbar’s son was the one who was cheating,” Yudi continued.

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